Moheskhali-Matarbari Power Hub

PDB places $11b investment plan

Shamim Jahangir

16 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) has submitted investment proposals involving over $11.00 billion to set up a series of mega power projects at Moheskhali-Matarbari area in Cox’s Bazar.

BPDB submitted the proposals at the end of last month as per the instruction of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Large-scale electricity generation from Moheskhali is expected to come on stream over a 16-year period from 2025 to 2040. During the period, the BPDB will implement 11 power projects, BPDB secretary Saiful Islam Azad informed to the Power Division recently. 

Of them, BPDB selected five power projects as priority ones, according to proposals.

The five projects will be implemented in less than six years.

“We will need over $11 billion to implement three mega power projects having the capacity to generate 5640MW (megawatts) of electricity, build common facilities of coal handling and mega land development activities,” according to the BPDB officials.

He said PDB will require around $4.62 billion for building two coal-fired power plants having the capacity to generate 1320MW of electricity. One of the projects will be implemented by Bay of Bengal Power Company Ltd and while PDB will implement the other project on its own.

Besides, it will also implement a mega joint-venture LNG-based power plant having the capacity to generate 3000MW of electricity at a cost of $4.33 billion.

The reaming $2.05 billion will be required for land development and common facilities of coal handling for power plants, officials said. The BPDB has already planned to acquire 5579.60 acres of land to develop the country’s largest power hub in Moheskhali.

The land development is a major challenge in Moheskhali power hub, officials said. 

The government has to establish nine power projects at Moheskhali under long terms plan till 2041 when the country’s power demand will reach maximum 82,291 MW, they added.

The power hub will boast a block of eight coal-based power plants, a block of LNG power plant, coal stock area, power evacuation and common conveyor corridor, ash pipeline and outfall corridor, ash pond, road and others, water system area, township area and greenery on 5,668 areas of land.

A total of 805 areas have been allocated for the township and common facilities, including five- start hotels, colleges, helipad, sewerage, treatment facilities, shopping complex and substation etc.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has already ordered to gear up the Tk 1.5-trillion infrastructure development projects in Moheskhali and Matarbari. Under the project, the government will build deep seaport on 1,225 acres of land at Matarbari with an LNG-based power plant in the area.

The government has already allocated Tk 574 crore for acquiring 5,579 acres of land at Moheskhali, and it will require around Tk 83,200 crore more for building power plants to produce 8320MW of electricity.

“We are satisfied with the physical progress of the power plant so far,” Coal Power Generation Company Bangladesh Ltd Managing Director Golam Kibria told Daily Sun recently.      

The Prime Minister’s Office has already asked the Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) for acquiring 931 acres of land from its own fund. The rest 294 acres of land will be acquired through JICA for implementation of the deep seaport at Matarbari, according to sources.

In the seaport, the government plans to create facilities to load and unload 112,000 metric tonnes of coal to feed 12 mega coal-fired power plants.

Besides, a 1000mmcfd LNG supply facilities will be installed in Matarbari through the installation of the land-based terminal, officials said. The CPA conducts initial works to implement deep seaport.

In future, the government plans to extend the Moheskhali deep seaport to Sonadia island and requested JICA to conduct the feasibility study in this regard, sources said.

The government is planning to extend the Cox’s Bazar railway link to Matarbari to facilitate a smooth carriage of construction materials and machinery to Moheskhali-Matarbari integrated development project.