‘UPP-Ujjibito graduates 1.83 lakh families from poverty’

Staff Correspondent

16 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Ultra Poor Programe (UPP) – Ujjibito has been a great success to graduate 1.83 lakh ultra poor families into non-poor class in a sustainable way by eradicating multidimensional poverty, speakers said on Sunday.

UPP-Ujjitio programme helps ultra poor people by providing training, ensuring food nutrition, disseminating education on health and making people aware and economic empowerment, they said.

“Under the project, families which were facing multidimensional poverty including food poverty are socially empowered and decent standard living among them was increased.”

They came up with the statement while addressing a closing ceremony and presentation of finings of final evaluation at PKSF Bhaban.

Food Security 2012 Bangladesh Ujjibito  project was launched in April 2013 with the finance of the European Union which was implemented by PKSF and Local Government Engineering Department.

Speakers also said the project was implemented in 1724 unions by 36 associate organizations. Uplifting the extreme poverty of around 3.25 lakh women living under the areas were the key purpose of the project with 11.05 million euro beget. Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation Chairman Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad said, “Ultra Poor Programme-Ujjibito has been a great a success to eradicate extreme poverty and graduate a large number of poor to non-poor class. We gave uplift them from multidimensional poverty as we had worked on landless people.”

He also said: “The benefit from the term based project is sustainable. So to eradicate multidimensional poverty we need human capacity and skill development. From now on we won’t give anyone money before equipped him with proper training and building capacity.”

Speaking on the occasion, first secretary and EU delegation to Bangladesh Manfred Fernholz said, “Bangladesh is the example of growing economy in the world despite there has a large number living under poverty line. Our project successfully worked fot he betterment of theior life srtand.