Govt moves to speed up ADP implementation

Hasibul Aman

14 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The government has taken an initiative to collect quarterly progress report from projects under the Annual Development Programme (ADP) to accelerate the implementation of the development projects.    

Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) under the Ministry of Planning has sent letters to the relevant ministries in this regard, Planning Ministry sources said.

In its letter, IMED has requested the ministries and divisions to furnish it with quarterly progress reports of their projects under 2019-20 fiscal year’s Annual Development Programme (ADP) in IMED’s prescribed form. 

“Assistance is required to send quarterly progress report of all the ongoing projects of all ministries and divisions against ADP allocation in 2019-20 fiscal in the prescribed form,” says the letter.

With this, it will be possible to assess in the last quarter the pace of ADP execution. At the same time, monitoring of project execution will be easier while it will also help project implementation on time, IMED thinks.

In Fiscal Year 2018-19, ADP execution hit a five-year high at 94.36 per cent, but the government seeks to raise it close to cent per cent. 

The government has set eight strategies to speed up ADP implementation.

The eight strategies include picking up projects within the limit of the medium-term budgetary framework (MTBF), setting a priority in selecting or approving new projects, completing the project set to be finished this year, timely project revision and time extension.

Revising the project expenditure plan and fund readjustment, making foreign-aided projects faster, greater project oversight and increasing implementation rate of self-financed projects of public corporations are other strategies.

The decisions were taken in a recent inter-ministerial meeting held at the Planning Ministry with Planning Minister MA Mannan in the chair.

“We have continued our efforts for quality ADP execution. We are taking the strategies that will be helpful for the highest ADP implementation,” Planning Minister MA Mannan said.

The division level meeting with the project directors will be held regularly this year as well while project officials will be called in Dhaka in case of special projects, he added.    

Simultaneously, discussions will be held on sector-wise projects.

“In a word, our main objective is to obtain the highest ADP execution rate through quality implementation,” the minister said.

In the current fiscal year, 355 projects have been selected as finishable projects this year of which 341 are investment projects and 14 are technical assistance scheme.