Housekeeping before and after a tour

Jainab Tabassum Banu Sonali

3 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Housekeeping before and after a tour

Getting ready for a tour can be stressful in this terrible time of dengue fever. According to a report of DGHS, about 53,182 dengue patients have been admitted to different hospitals across the country from January 2019 to till the date. The death toll is also rising disappointingly high. It can be a life-threatening and risk taking challenge to go on a tour for a few days. However, traveling gives us a break from our monotonous, tiresome and stressful life. For this unavoidable reason, we tend to go on a tour whenever we get enough time. Before leaving our living place, in every circumstance, we must keep a few housekeeping tips in our minds to secure our in-house environment from getting flooded the mosquitoes and dirt.

First, let me share a few important housekeeping tips before going on a tour. It doesn’t matter how many days you are going to spend outside of your house, you must keep your house clean and safe before you leave. Mosquitoes take birth in lodged water whether it is clean or not. So, always make sure you have emptied all the water pots and bowls of the kitchen and buckets of the bathrooms. I will even suggest to clean up the water purifier before leaving home. We all know that even clean lodged water can be a dreadful cause of dengue! Therefore, never take a risk of giving those unruly mosquitoes the chance of breeding. Empty all the vessels, buckets, bottles, purifier and turn them upside down to prevent water lodging at any cost. And don’t forget to shut down the place where you deposit all your decomposed elements. Yes, I’m talking about the commodes of each of your bathrooms!

The next frightful thing is fire. Empty houses are ghostly. They take and store all the energy if it is available. So, turn off all the electronic sources before leaving your place. Make sure all the electronic wires are unplugged. It takes mere seconds to turn everything into ashes. So, always, always and always check, recheck and double check the sensitive fire sources. Turn all the switches off. Make sure your stove is turned off. It is even better if you turn off the main gas line of your stove. If you use gas cylinder, make carefully and undoubtedly sure that there is no leakage in the pipe and the switch is off.

Then take a close look at the indoor of your refrigerator. There should not be anything which you cannot keep for so long. If you want to go on a long tour, it’s better to turn off the refrigerator after cleaning it up. If you plan for a short trip, you can keep the raw fishes, eggs and meats inside the freezer. And give away the cooked foods to the poor hungry people. It will bring you multiple benefits! If you have birds, send the cage/s to a close relative or friend. Since birds need to be taken care of regularly, you must act responsibly. Ask the one you are keeping your birds with to change water everyday. In this way, your birds will be treated well and you can prevent dengue also.

And finally, close the windows and lock the doors properly. Prevent the rain drops as well as the thieves from entering your place. Keep the important, precious, costly and special items in the safest place possible. Spray aerosol everywhere inside your house. Then lock it up properly. Now you are all ready to leave and your house is all prepared to be left for a few days.

After returning from a memorable and mind-blowing tour, you will enter your paradise happily. But wait! First you have to prepare your house for living with and in it. The first thing you should do even before freshening yourself is to open the windows wide and let the wind come. Never ever think of turning your stove on before opening the windows. The damaged air should be passed by.

Then go to your washroom. The first thing you should do is to flush out the old water inside the commode. Then open its cover to resume using it. Check the entire house carefully. If you find any lodged water, immediately throw it away. If possible, spray a bit of aerosol again. Now, it is safe to turn on your refrigerator, stove and electronic devices.

Traveling is wonderful. However, a bird has to return to its place after hovering around the whole day. This is why, the nest should be kept clean and hygienic. So, keep your house clean by following these tips. Happy traveling!


The writer is a Lecturer, Department of English Language and Literature, Premier University Chittagong.