Learning Chinese creates opportunities for Bangladeshi youths

Ayan Soofi from Kunming

2 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Learning Chinese has been a boon for a lot of youngsters in Bangladesh as Chinese language proficiency is in much demand in the job market and comes with the promise of brilliant career. Participants of Bangladesh-China Youth Camp 2019 expressed their interest to continue learning Chinese in order to keep pace with the job market.

China has become one of the biggest economies around the world and opportunities of economic development by partnering up with Chinese businesses have been the rage in the past decades. But communication has been the major hurdle for these ventures.

CRI (China Radio International)-SMF (Shanto-Mariam Foundation) Confucius Classroom delegation participated in four Chinese language classes at Wenhui Building of Yunnan University’s Chenggong Campus. Despite the challenging nature of new language learning, members of CRI-SMF delegation were enthusiastic about the future prospects of mastering Chinese language and were determined to learn Chinese upon returning to Bangladesh.

CRI-SMF Confucius Classroom offers four courses on Chinese language in Dhaka spanning from level one to level four. Each of the courses takes around four months or sixty hours to complete. Level one course costs Tk 8500 while level two course costs Tk 9500. Level three and level four courses in CRI-SMF Confucius Classroom costs Tk 15000 and Tk 18000 respectively.

CRI-SMF Confucius Classroom offers Chinese language courses which allow Bangladeshi students to learn Chinese easily and thrive in their career.

Yunnan University’s Chinese Language Teacher Shi Chaofan laid stress on the importance of learning Chinese despite the apparent difficulties facing the foreign students.

“Learning Chinese opens up a lot of opportunities for students due to the huge demand for translators. Someone who has learnt Chinese can also gain access into the brilliant higher educational facilities of China,” said Shi.

“I have a lot of students from Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi students are really keen learners and they tend to learn fast. I hope that the participants of this youth camp will come to China again and learn more about Chinese traditions and language,” added Shi.

All those promises of future prospects are grounded in reality as was portrayed by CRI-SMF delegate Atiqul Islam’s experience. Atiqul who has completed level one Chinese course from CRI-SMF Confucius Classroom and has recently enrolled in level two course is now working as a translator for Chinese businessmen in Bangladesh and earning around 50000 taka per month.

“I can guarantee that anyone who sincerely learns Chinese has a bright future ahead of them. It didn’t take me long to become proficient in Chinese, but it was a tough road nonetheless. At first I didn’t understand the language well, but slowly it all started to make sense and now I am quite good at Chinese,” said Atiqul.

“An average Chinese translator in Bangladesh earns around Tk 1 lakh to Tk 1.20 lakh which is much more than the average wage in Bangladesh. Thus it is an ideal opportunity for Bangladeshis to climb up the economic ladder by learning Chinese and opening up a new world full of opportunities,” concluded Atiqul.