Ship Capsize in Meghna

Allegation against Bashundhara vessel false, intentional

Staff Correspondent

2 September, 2019 12:00 AM printer

CHATTOGRAM: An allegation of ship capsize by the collision of Bashundhara vessel in Meghna river under Bhola district is false, fabricated and having an ulterior motive.

The vessel ‘MV Tanvir Tawsib-2’ owned by the enterprise of Md Tofazal sank in the river at Birbir Buoy point of Ilisha under Bhola district headquarters around 10:00pm on Tuesday last.

The authority claimed a loss of Tk20 crore for the accident.

The vessel Master Khairul Alam in a case filed in this connection mentioned that the vessel was going to Dhaka with 2,200 tonnes of raw materials of cement from Chattogram on August 27 while a vessel named ‘Bashundhara Food-1’ hit the ‘MV Tanvir Tawsib-2’ at that time.

But the country’s leading business conglomerate Bashundhara Group said the claim is completely false as the vessel ‘Bashundhara Food-1’ was anchored at Hatiya during the time of accident.

The authority of ‘MV Tanvir Tawsib-2’ could not submit any footage or picture of the accident.

During a visit to ‘MV Bashundhara Food-1’ at Outer Anchorage of the Chattogram port on Sunday, no sign of collision or evidence of accident was found at the vessel.

The vessel master, engineer and other crewmembers said they were far away from the spot of the accident at that time.

They said they sailed the empty vessel for Chattogram from Dhaka at 8:00am on August 26.

The ship ‘MV Tanvir Tawsib-2’ sank into Meghna river on August 27.

The crews heard the news of accident on August 31 when they were at Kutubdia Channel for loading wheat, they said.

The vessel was anchored at Outer Anchorage of the Bay of Bengal in Patenga area with 1,800 metric tonnes of wheat on Sunday.  This correspondent visited the vessel along with other journalists on Sunday and found no evidence of accident around the vessel. It was fit to sail for Dhaka.

The vessel Chief Engineer Md Anwar Hossain said they left the spot before 24 hours of the accident.

“Both the vessels even didn’t sail at a time and there was no scope to meet each other as we were so far from the spot,” he said.

“’MV Tanvir Tawsib-2’ might capsize either due to malefaction in its bottom or it might get stuck at shoal in the river,” he suspected.

Master Akbar Hossain of the vessel said they record details of every sailing of the vessel, which was made of pure Japanese iron.  According to law, one should lodge general diary or complaint within 24 hours of the accident, but they did it later, he added.

Bashundhara Food and Beverage, Chattogram Supervisor Ujir Ali said the allegation against Bashundhara vessel is false and intentional.

“Tanvir Tawsib’ authority lodged the general diary and a case to realise compensation from Bashundhara and hid their fault,” he said.

Bashundhara officials invited the authorities concerned to inspect their vessel.

Sources claimed that the accident occurred as the ship was plying with over speed defying the rules in the night hours and ran aground at a shoal.

Later, it sank as water entered in it during high-tide.

Ilisha Police Camp In-Charge Ratan Chandra Das said Sub-Inspector (SI) Sujan inspected the spot. But, the complainant could not provide any evidence except the verbal allegation.

SI Sujan said he received verbal allegation against a ship, but the complainant could not provide any evidence. It is believed that the ship lacks proper insurance and is trying to realise compensation through bringing allegation against the third party.

There was also no evidence of informing the nearby vessels through VHF, mike or mobile phone regarding the accident, said the police officer.