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Shaving A Chinstrap Beard

Rajib Kanti Roy

26 August, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Shaving A Chinstrap Beard

Will you go with chin strap beard – yes or no? Best for those with clean, defined jaw-lines to show off, this unforgivingly bold beard style demands precision and some serious upkeep – but it can reward those willing to put the time in. Here is how to get a chin strap beard you don’t have to be ashamed of:

How to get a chin strap beard

Start with a clean, dry beard that’s about an inch long. In terms of tools, you definitely need one with a precision attachment: the chin strap beard leaves no room for error.


Step 1

Give yourself an even trim with a beard trimmer, using a setting of 3-5mm.


Step 2

Now use a precision trimmer to outline an inch-wide strip running from ear to ear along your jaw line. Start by identifying the center point just below your jawline, and working along your jaw on each side. Nix anything below that point (there’s no room for neck hair here). Then trim down the hair on your cheeks to create your perfect chin strap beard. If you want, leave a soul patch connecting your chin strap to your lips.

Note: For a more adventurous chin strap beard, you may want to make this line zigzag across the jaw for effect. That’s not an entry-level move, though: master standard chin strap facial hair before attempting it.


Step 3

Shave your cheeks and neck clean with a rotary shaver, moving in a gentle, circular motion. You’ll want to use the mini foil shaver to carefully shave along the edges of your chin strap beard.


Step 4

That’s essentially it – just check the symmetry and trim again as needed before cleaning up.

How to maintain a perfect chin strap beard

Don’t forget how to shave a chin strap beard, since you’re going to have to do it often. This beard style requires constant maintenance to keep the chin strap defined, as it’s easily overgrown. Clean shave as often as needed on the bare areas, and use a trimmer once a week to keep the actual chin strap at around 5mm.


Take it on the chin

The chin strap beard is a bold choice: it was worn by hip-hop acts like Color Me Badd back in the nineties. However, if you feel like playing around and even creating some zany lines (in the privacy of your own home), this is the beard style to experiment with.

It’s also important to look after your skin while maintaining your chin strap beard, so be careful to avoid irritation after shaving. Finally, a great beard is a well-maintained beard, so find out how to master the art of beard care.