Immaculate Looks For Parties | 2019-08-26


Immaculate Looks For Parties

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

26 August, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Immaculate Looks For Parties

Are you exhausted of your party wear options? Have you carried out the glittery sari, zaridar lehenga and embroidered long kameez look so often that you are pretty much bored of these by now and looking for something new? Fear no more because Groove is here!

Ethnic fashion is fabulous. However, when you add a hint of fusion to it, it tends to become even spicier. Even in traditional clothing, so much modernization has taken place. I wonder if our great, great grandmothers had lived today, whether they would have approved of the off-shoulder and sleeveless blouses worn with saris or even the new cutting and pattern of kameezes! Whether we like it or dislike it, but change is the only constant. A lot of changes have taken place in our fashion scene in both traditional and western outfits. You could avail of that in your party look to create a style that is perky and glamorous. Or you could choose to highlight a certain feature, keeping the rest elegant and minimal. Here are a few looks you could experiment with:

Elaborate jewelry

Jewelries are every woman’s prized possession. The sad part is that we hardly get to wear them. Parties are a great way to flaunt off your diamond necklace or pure gold chandelier earrings. However, do not overdo it. A great way to work with elaborate jewelry is by keeping the rest of your style subtle. Think of less glitter, embroidery and colours. This will not only allow the jewelry to shine out more but highlight your overall look. For example, wear a black sari with silver blouse. With this, opt for broze choker necklace, bronze earrings and an oversized bronze tikli. You could also replace all the mentioned bronze jewelries with silver ones. Keep your hair tied to an elegant bun, opt for nude lips but don’t forget to wear your eyeliner. Another style could be a colourful sari or kurti or even lehenga piece with a pair of ostentatious earrings. Keep the lipstick colour light with this. In this way, you could wear more of your favourite bling without feeling uncomfortable or looking like a jewelry store! The lighter you go, the more you can play with your precious ornaments in your look.

Get glitzy in subtle ways

Instead of going all glittery, integrate shimmery vibes into your look. For example, don’t opt for a loud sari with plenty of artworks. Instead, opt for a light or dark coloured sari with artistic golden embroidery. In fact, nothing looks classier than a light beige sari with exquisite golden embroidery. The light colour makes this style look elegant while the embroidery still does the trick of making you look gorgeous. Add ruffles to the end of your pastel dress. Opt for tiers and multi-layers. Work with designer sleeves. These are classy ways to really level up your fashion game. These simple ideas will surely make heads turn for all the right reasons.

Be serious about accessories

Most women as well as men fail to create a top-notch fashionable look because they underestimate the power of their footwear. Shoes, as well as other accessories, work like punctuations in a sentence. Without perfect accessories, a look is never really complete. Be a bit feisty in your choice of shoes. Red high heels can groove any occasion. If you are not comfortable with high heels, wedges are also good. But make sure it’s gorgeous.