Anti-bullying policy a much needed move

26 August, 2019 12:00 AM printer

As a part of the drafted anti-bullying policy, use of Facebook at schools and colleges will be prohibited. It will also stop harassing of students either by their teachers or fellow school mates.This initiative has come to the fore when it has been felt by a large section of parents and guardians that the use of social media among students remains a major area of concern. Its use in cyber bullying is on the top among many other social media platforms. Widespread use of this technology has exposed students to mental harassment, security risks and poor grades.

 Many students cannot even concentrate on their class lecture as they have already developed a bad habit of remaining engrossed round the clock in what messages popped up in their smart phone screens. At home, many of them remain actually floated around studies and fail to go through the gist of their subject matter. This tendency constantly pushes them out of the normal course of studies and they go astray.

The other is harassment by a section of teachers or seniors and it has lead to suicide or different crimes. Nusrat and many others have paid the price of bullying with their lives. We do not want to see such incidents anymore.

The inclination to Facebook among a high percentage of school and college-goers has reached alarming proportions. Mental and sexual harassment by the criminals at times make an end to potential lives. Following the heart-wrenching incident of suicide of a schoolgirl in the capital, the High Court issued a suo-moto rule to formulate the much-needed anti-bullying policy.

As per the draft policy, students will not be allowed to carry ICT devices, taking pictures, videos and getting involved in chat while in the classroom. Parents will have to encourage their children in the educational institutions to abide by the policy guidelines as well as maintain a good relationship with other students so that cyber-bullying with the involvement of students is nipped in the bud.

 It is worth mentioning that the policy should also pay attention to teaching moral values to prevent social vices. Strict implementation of the anti-bullying policy is the demand of the hour.