Dengue trend to be identified in 2 weeks

Mohammad Al Amin

21 August, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Health experts have said the trend of the dengue situation can be identified in around two weeks.

“We have to wait for another one or two weeks to understand the real situation of dengue as many people didn’t return to Dhaka after the Eid vacation,” Prof Dr Meerjady Sabrina Flora, director of the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR), told the Daily Sun on Tuesday.

“But now we can tell that the dengue situation is stable—- the number of dengue cases is not increasing. We have to continue our controlling measures. If we stop Aedes mosquito controlling measures, the infection may increase further,” she said. 

“Light rain and drizzling might worsen the dengue situation. We have to remain cautious during this time,” said Dr ASM Alamgir, Principal Scientific Officer of the IEDCR.

According to the data of the Directorate general of Health Services (DGHS), 1572 new dengue patients were admitted to different hospitals in the past 24 hours from 8:00 am on Monday till 8:00 am on Tuesday. Some 750 were infected in dengue in Dhaka city and 822 outside Dhaka in the past 24 hours.

Some 1,615 dengue patients were admitted to hospitals on August 19; 1706 on August 18; 1460 on August 17; 1721 on August 16; 1933 on August 15; 1882 on August 14 and 1201 dengue patients were admitted to hospital on August 13, official data suggest.

The daily average number of dengue patients admitted to hospital was around 2,000 around one week earlier.

The health experts warned of a further spread of the mosquito-borne disease as Aedes mosquitoes may have used the empty homes, schools and offices to breed in large numbers during the Eid vacation.

“Dengue has started early this year. Usually, July, August and September are the peak season for dengue. If dengue controlling measures are not taken properly, it may continue until October and November. After September, dengue starts decreasing,” Prof Dr Meerjady Sabrina Flora, director of the IEDCR told the Daily Sun.

Taking to the Daily Sun, Prof. Dr. Sanya Tahmina Jhora, Director of Disease Control Unit of the DGHS on Monday said: “We hope the number of dengue case will decrease gradually.”Health Emergency Operations Centre and Control Room of the DGHS said the number of dengue patients has hit the all-time high as around 56,369 dengue patients were admitted to different hospitals from January 1 to August 20 this year. Some 40 of them died, according to official figures.

A total of 34,274 patients were admitted to private and public hospitals in Dhaka till Tuesday this year. Some 22,095 patients were admitted to district-level hospitals across the country during the same time.

However, according to the media reports, around 60,000 people were hospitalised and over 110 of them died of dengue this year.

There is no record of the number of patients being treated at private chambers and clinics. Almost all government and private hospitals are providing outdoor treatment to dengue patients.

Though the number of dengue patients has decreased in the capital, dengue cases have increased in different districts in the last eight days.

But the overall dengue infection trend has decreased comparatively this week.

The health directorate on Tuesday said 10 teams are involved in inspecting different hospitals to observe the dengue situation and all hospitals from primary to tertiary level have been asked to keep their surroundings clean.