No mercy for pervert teachers

18 August, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Horrifying incidents of sexual violence are on the rise. Newspaper reports reveal this with a shocking statistical analysis. Shockingly, the teachers who as mentors are expected to build future citizens are found to be doing just the opposite. A section of the teachers are increasingly taking the role of predators nowadays! The increasing number of cases of sexual harassment of students is a matter of grave concern for parents and guardians of school-going children. Surely, this does not bode well for the future of the country.

According to data provided by a rights group, at least 66 students fell victim to sexual harassment in their educational institutions in July. Of them, 37 were raped by their teachers while 29 others were harassed. And at least 897 children were sexually abused across the country in the past seven months. These horrific figures show the tip of the iceberg – a multitude of cases of abuse go unreported mainly due to societal taboos, shame and stigma.

Complex changes in a person's physical, social and psychological beings take place in childhood. Scientists believe that traumatic impacts followed by sexual abuse may impair certain parts of the brain of youngsters from developing and might lead to the development of abnormalities later. The fear of being molested prevents many young girls from going to their classes.

Students are our future. If they grow up with scars of abuse at a tender age, this is very likely to retard their psycho-physical growth, seriously hamper their career development and thereby make them unable to contribute optimally to the country's progress. The uptrend in sexual violence – be it by teachers or others in society – risks psychological problem of children, which is very likely to span from generation to generation.

Realising the gravity of sexual abuse of students, the High Court directed the forming of a committee at every educational institution to deal with complaints of sexual harassments. This has become the demand of the day. There is no alternative to taking measures to identify and strictly punish culprits found involved in sexual abuse to stop the sickening and despicable trend. No mercy should be shown to these “sick” people.