Styling Ideas For Senior Citizens | 2019-07-22


Styling Ideas For Senior Citizens

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

22 July, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Styling Ideas For Senior Citizens

Because of a popular app, the number of old people’s pictures on social media has risen drastically. Everybody from Hollywood to Bollywood celebs is using this app called Faceapp to make themselves appear older (and whiter!). I think the only people who probably would not be as keen in using this app are people who are already aged. In fact, for them, this trend might actually be rather irritating. Old age is seen by many people as the most monotonous part of our lives. Many people stop taking care of their looks at this age and most of their daily works get fixed to certain habits. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. We can take the example of the evergreen Bollywood actress Rekha who still looks absolutely stunning even in her sixties. She is always clad in a gorgeous sari, her beautiful hair adorned with flowers, the signature red lipstick on her smiles and beautiful dark eyes make us wonder if it is possible for this woman to age ever! We feel the same way about our own actresses Jaya Ahsan and Aupi Karim! What one can derive from these actresses is the fact that age is just a number. Your personality speaks louder than your age. And if we regularly take care of our health, eat well, exercise and try to remain positive, it gets reflected on our faces for sure. Here are some style tips that are sure to make your life much more colorful even if you are 100 years old!


Embrace colours

Many people stop wearing bright colours after they reach a certain stage of life. Actually this misconception has been created by society that it is eccentric for an aged person to wear bright colours. Colors make life brighter. It feels good to wear them and to witness them. Then why should anybody deny these just because of age? You could wear beautiful printed kameezes of pastel colours, red or pink floral saris on muted backgrounds, shaded kameezes of differen hues, contrasting colours such as pink with white and so on. The options are endless. Men could also wear printed shirts of various colours. While not everybody might be comfortable to wear a flamboyant shirt such as a pink shirt with orange flowers (and we will not recommend it at any age!), you could still find joy in shaded punjabis and shirts (such as of the colours white and blue), oblique, striped and other prints. Go with something that suits your personality!


Groom that beard

Beards look very fashionable. If you are a moustache person, that works great too. Many men do have beard but they usually never have the thought of grooming that beard. You could opt for that goatee beard style at any age! And if you want it longer, you can always visit a good salon that will find a unique haircut to go along with your beard. If you already have a beard, try the formal black or blue suit look with it. Men with white beard in suits have taken the virtual world by storm recently!


Ensemble wisely

Sometimes it may not be a particular dress but how you put on that dress that makes all the difference. With a simple white sari, wear a beautiful golden shawl with thread works. The shawl along with the sari creates a pleasant style. To make it more aesthetic, opt for a brown bag that suits the harmony of this look. Keep it simple but slightly ornate. Do a low bun hairstyle with it and also wear kajol lightly. With this style, wear a beaded necklace. The pieces on this style may not be very fashionable on their own but together they create a powerful style statement.