Padma Bridge tops fast-track projects | 2019-07-20

Padma Bridge tops fast-track projects

Hasibul Aman

20 July, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Padma Bridge tops fast-track projects

The multipurpose Padma Bridge project is advancing at the highest speed  among the 10 fast-track projects taken up by the government.

Eight other fast-track projects saw modest progress and the remaining one was yet to start.

The implementation status of the government’s priority schemes was reflected in the June progress report of the Economic Relations Division (ERD) sent to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

The much-coveted Padma bridge project saw overall progress of 71 per cent in the just-concluded fiscal year FY19 with the main bridge construction advancing 81 per cent, the report suggests.

Out of Tk 30,193 crore estimated project cost, the government has so far been able to spend Tk 19,424 crore in the mega project.

Work of both approach roads in Mawa and Jajira points and service area-2 has been completed, but the progress of river training work was slower at 59 per cent.

Recently, Planning Minister MA Mannan told the media that the government has a target to open the bridge to the public by this December, and if not possible, it will come into operation by March next year.

“Though eight other fast-track projects have not seen that much progress, they are on the right track,” ERD officials said, adding that the work of Sonadia deep seaport could not be started because of financing issues.  

“In FY19, the fund disbursement by the development partners was good, which reveals that aided project implementations were good as well. We’re satisfied with the progress of the projects,” an ERD high-up said.

In the just-concluded fiscal year, development partners released a total of $6.21 billion against ERD’s original fund disbursement target of $7.17 billion, latest ERD data suggest.

Meanwhile, the government could finally manage to spend Tk 47,289 crore or 92.70 per cent of Tk 51,000 crore revised project assistance spending target under ADP, down from the previous fiscal’s Tk 49,863 crore or 95.80 per cent.

The Rooppur nuke power plant project has so far seen financial progress of 18.08 per cent with an expenditure of Tk 20,452.72 crore. The project is being implemented under 344 physical components.

The Rampal coal power plant project saw 37.16 per cent physical progress and 32.42 per cent financial progress as Tk 5,186 crore has been spent on the project.

The Metro Rail project witnessed overall progress of 30.05 per cent with Tk 7,604 crore total spending.

Payra deep seaport project has so far seen 55.19 per cent physical progress and 59.92 per cent financial progress after spending nearly Tk 1,500 crore.

The project work has been divided into 19 components of which six will be implemented on a PPP basis and other six on G2G basis.

Another important scheme Padma rail link project saw 16.92 per cent physical progress and 29.91 per cent financial progress with a cumulated expenditure of Tk 11,738 crore.

The project design still is not final while the project, being implemented with Chinese assistance, is also facing land acquisition issues.

Matarbari coal power plant witnessed 25.05 per cent physical progress and 24.41 per cent financial progress. So far, Tk 8,698 crore has been spent on the project.

The Dohazari-Cox’s Bazar-Gundum rail line project advanced 27 per cent physically and 21.61 per cent financially.