73.93pc pass HSC | 2019-07-18

73.93pc pass HSC

Pass rate, GPA-5 increase

Md Solamain Salman

18 July, 2019 12:00 AM printer

73.93pc pass HSC

Twelve meritorious students, who have been selected at the national level through Creative Merit Searching Competition-2019 , pose for a photograph with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at her Ganabhaban residence in the capital on Wednesday. Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni and Deputy Minister for Education Mohibul Hassan Chowdhury Nowfel were also present. – PID PHOTO

Results of the HSC and equivalent examinations under all the 10 education boards across the country were published on Wednesday, showing a pass rate of 73.93 per cent.

Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni announced the results at a press conference at the ministry in the afternoon after handing over a result sheet to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the morning.

The results show that the combined pass rate and the number of GPA-5 achievers have increased this year.

The pass rate has risen by 7.29 per cent to 73.93 per cent this year. It was 66.64 per cent last year.

The number of GPA-5 holders has increased to 47,286 — 24,576 boys and 22,710 girls. It was 29,262 last year.

As many as 1,336,629 students of 8,985 institutions appeared at the HSC and equivalent exams at 2,560 centres under 10 education boards. Of the examinees, 988,172 have come out successful.

This year, a total of 47,286 students have achieved GPA-5 – of them, 41,807 under eight general education boards, 2,243 under Madrassah Education Board and 3,236 under Technical Education Board.

The number of institutions achieving 100 percent pass rate has been doubled this year compared to last year’s.

A total of 909 institutions have achieved 100 percent pass rate this year. The number was 400 in 2018 and 532 in 2017.

Besides, the number of institutions in zero percent pass rate has come down this year. Only 41 institutions have got zero percent pass rate this year. The number was 55 in 2018 and 72 in 2017.

Under all eight general education boards, a total of 71.85 percent students have passed the examinations. The number of GPA 5 achievers is 41,807.

The pass rate of Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board is 88.56 percent and the number of its GPA 5 achievers is 2,243.

In Bangladesh Technical Education Board, 82.62 percent students have passed the exams this year —- of them, 3,238 got GPA-5.

Education board officials have attributed the high pass rate under Comilla Education Board, students doing better in ICT, English, Math, better initiative and care from teachers and guardians, for the rise in the pass percentage.

An improved performance of science and humanities students also contributed to the increase of the pass rate this year.

 Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has appreciated the results of this year’s HSC and equivalent exams.

“The results are sufficiently good and acceptable … I believe that students will do better results if they pay proper attention to study,” she said while receiving the results.

Describing education as the key to building a developed and prosperous nation free from hunger and poverty, the prime minister said her government has taken various steps to make students attentive to education.

The premier has congratulated successful students and told unsuccessful ones not to be disheartened.

Results data shows that Girls continued to outperform boys with a 76.44 percent pass rate, compared to 71.67 percent pass rate of boys in 10 education board.

Out of 703,000 male students who appeared in the exams, 503,828 have become successful, while 484,344 female students, out of 633,629, passed this year.

The results also show that the pass rate in eight general education boards is 71.85 percent, which was 64.55 percent in 2018.

Students from science group did the best with a pass rate of 85.57 percent this year, 65.09 percent in humanities group and 73.51 percent in business studies group.

The pass rate is 71.09 percent in Dhaka Education Board, 76.38 in Rajshahi Board, 77.74 in Comilla Board, 75.65 in Jessore Board, 62.19 in Chittagong Board, 70.65 in Barisal Board, 67.05 in Sylhet Board and 71.78 in Dinajpur Board.

The results show that Comilla board has become top with 77.78 percent pass rate among the general education boards.

Students under Chattogram Education Board have done poor performance in terms of pass rate compared to other education boards with 62.19 percent pass rate.

Official data show that 270 students took part in the exams from eight foreign centres and 254 of them have passed. Of them, 26 have obtained GPA-5.

In Madrasah board, a total of 86,138 students took part in the exams and 76,281 of them passed. The pass rate is 88.56 percent this year, but it was 78.67 percent last year.

A total of 2,243 students of Madrasah board obtained GPA-5, but the number was 1,244 in 2018.

In Technical board, the number of examinees was 124,320 and 102,715 of them have come out successfully. The pass rate is 82.62 percent, but it was 75.50 percent last year.

A total of 3,236 students under technical board obtained GPA-5, but the number was 2,456 in 2018.

In all education boards, the number of male examinees was 703,000 this year where 503,828 have come out successfully while female examinees were 633,629 and 484,344 passed.

The results show that 3.54 percent students of all education boards obtained GPA-5 this year.

Colleges across the country wore a festive look ahead of the results on Wednesday. The results, published 54 days after the exams concluded, were available at the colleges, on education boards’ websites, and on mobile phones via text messages from 1:00pm.

Many students and their parents burst into jubilation as soon as they received the results. Some danced and some took selfies flashing the V-sign.

Addressing the press conference, Dipu Moni said the pass rate, GPA-5 increased this year while the pass rate also increased in humanities and Business studies groups alongside since group which is positive sign for the education sector.

Education minister urged the students to be a good people achieving proper education with morality.

She suggested guardians for making their children for the welfare of people and the country.

She also said admission tests in most of public universities will be held through cluster system from the next year and it will be introduced in all universities in phases.

“Some universities want to conduct their own exams and students are being admitted to medical colleges through a unified admission test,” the minister said.