Students’ cell phones go up in flames! | 2019-07-16

Students’ cell phones go up in flames!

Staff Correspondent

16 July, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The authorities of Dhanmondi Ideal College in the capital have burned mobile phones of students to ashes for violating the rules of the educational institution.

Sources said the students of the college did not pay heed to the repeated warnings that no students will bring mobile phones in the institution.

The college teachers, led by Principal Jasim Uddin, on Saturday seized a good number of cell phones from students and broke them into pieces and finally burnt them.

Students said their teachers took their cell phones from them and informed that they will get back phones.

But instead of giving their phones back, teachers broke them and burnt them.

They claimed that the teachers seized around 500 mobile phones and broke and burnt them. 

The principal claimed that the students have violated the rules of the collage although they have been warned on many occasions in this regard.

He also claimed that only few numbers of cell phones were seized and broken.

Seeking anonymity, a teacher said a student on Saturday secretly captured indecent photos of a female teacher at classroom while she was writing on black board.

After the teacher came to know, mobile phones of the students were seized and burnt.