Brace for floods | 2019-07-16

Brace for floods

16 July, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The flood situation in the country’s northern and north-eastern regions has worsened further under the impact of weeklong heavy downpour and also due to the run-off from the hills in neighbouring India. Almost all of our rivers in those areas are flowing much above the danger levels. As medium to heavy rains are very likely to continue for another week, the situation may further deteriorate. Hundreds and thousands of people have been severely affected by the deluge and river erosion.

In the wake of heavy monsoon rains, the flood situation in Nepal and India’s Bihar and Assam has also aggravated displacing more than a million people from their homes. Floods in those areas, adjacent to our north-western regions, mean that a huge quantity of floodwater will cross deltaic Bangladesh before pouring into the Bay of Bengal in the south. The major part of the country’s lower riparian regions will also be flooded soon. It is feared that the situation might last longer than usual.

The livelihood of the people in the affected areas will be hit hard by the floods. The marooned people are already in an immediate need for water, food and medicines. The government’s aid operation should be streamlined with more allocations so that none of the affected people suffer for want of essential materials.

The agricultural economy of the country suffers the most due to prolonged floods. The rehabilitation of rural economy is thus a challenging job both for the farmers as well as the government. All preparations along with soft loan for the farmers should be made well ahead to meet the challenge.

However, we must strive hard to come out of the recurring cycles of floods and post-flood rehabilitation. We must find a lasting solution to this phenomenon with the successful implementation of the Delta Plan 2100; otherwise most of our achievements on the socio-economic front will be washed away by this annual calamity, which could worsen over the years due to climate change. We must find national, regional and international solutions to fight floods as the water flows down from the Himalayas, China and India causing havoc before pouring into the Bay of Bengal.