Branding needed for tourism | 2019-07-12

Branding needed for tourism

12 July, 2019 12:00 AM printer

An individual, an organisation or a nation that remains oblivious of its potential resources and fails to harness the same for its own socio-economic development deserves pity only. The opt-uttered adage that Bangladesh is a resource-constraint country contains some elements of truth but not the whole truth. To think that we do not have resources at all does not tally with the reality. The fact is that we do have some resources uniquely ours, though not like some other nations have. We must think positively and brand it properly instead of highlighting the negatives.

The Parki Beach in proximity to the Karnaphuli estuary is such a resource that remains neglected due to lack of innovative idea and initiative of the authorities. And Parki is not alone of its kind. Along the long coastal belt of the country, there are actually a good number of spots that have the potential of being attractive tourist destinations.

That Parki can be developed into an attractive tourism spot is established by the fact that a good number of local tourists throng the beach everyday though the roads leading to it are quite narrow and are usually in a dilapidated condition. Had not there been the lack of transportation as well as hotel and restaurant facilities, the number of visitors would have increased manifold.

However, the painful reality is that the tourism board of the government does not have any plan to develop this beach right now or for that matter what it is actually doing is the question. And given the classic bureaucratic approach of the board officials, we cannot be hopeful about any such scheme in the near future. The CEO of the board leisurely waits for a request from the local administration before preparing a plan for development of the beach area. We are unable to understand why it cannot be done the other way round – with the tourism board and the Parjatan Corporation taking the initiative first and then harnessing the support from local administration to it.

A complete overhauling of this lackadaisical attitude of the bureaucrats is an essential precondition for the development of this and other potential tourist spots along the coast and elsewhere in the country.