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Rumor seeking human heads for Padma Bridge

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  • 10 July, 2019 12:00 AM
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Rumor seeking human heads for Padma Bridge

The authorities of Bangladesh’s pride Padma Bridge project on Tuesday sharply reacted to a horrifying rumor seeking human heads for the 81 percent completed project, saying it was an act by “vested quarters” and none should pay any heed to such a baseless story.

 “We want to categorically state that it is nothing but a baseless rumor. Such rumors are a punishable crime. It is our earnest request to all not to be confused by such rumors,” Shafiqul Islam, Project Director of Padma Bridge, said in a press release on Tuesday.

The statement came after vested quarters used the social media to spread the rumor claiming that

the Padma Bridge needed “human heads” for completion.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina took the challenge of constructing the mega project with the country’s own finds with out any foreign assistance after the World Bank withheld its funds falsely alleging corruption which was later found totally false. Thus it became a a symbol of national pride.

Many at home and abroad had laughed off the project as an “impossible” one without foreign funding, but now many Bangladeshis visit the two sides of the 6.1 kilometer bridge praying for its quick completion.

The statement said the construction of the Padma Bridge was moving fast and with the installation 292 of 294 piles in the main bridge completed, while works of 30 of 42 has were also done. “So far 14 spans have been installed and were now visible.”

As of 30th June, the real work progress of the main bridge is 81 per cent, the progress of river training is 59 percent and the overall progress of the project is 71 per cent.