BFF to commence new BPL season from Aug 16

Samiul Huq Chaudhury

25 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) has taken an exceptional decision to commence Bangladesh Premier League 2019-2020 season which will start right after the end of ongoing BPL 2018-2019. The transfer season for the new edition will start August 16 and will run for a month.  Footballing calendar for 2019-2020 season will start with Federation Cup which will begin on October 21.

Premier League starts in December, which means, in the four months at the end of the ongoing league, another league will commence..

After the completion of a league in Bangladesh, the clubs linger to participate in the next one. Most clubs don’t want the next season to commence before some eight to nine months of the previous league citing financial crisis. Sometimes the break even last for a year. Some financially insolvent clubs cannot do anything at all. With this reality, the new decision from BFF has come as a surprise to all. Despite BFF already announcing the date, postponing the league schedule atleast two to four times has become a tradition in Bangladesh. So, many assume the transfer season will not commence from Aug 16.

Bashundhara Kings General Secretary Minhajul Islam Minhaj welcomed the decision stating that he wants BFF to stick to the calendar and not postpone the league.

“This is a good decision. I hope BFF will stick to it. It should be ensured that both the transfer windows are held according to the time decided in the meeting,” felt Minhaj

The General Secretary of BFF Abu Nayeem however emphasised that decisions will be executed as per the announcements of BFF executive committee.

“We sent the new plans to the club for their views. None of club protested, but there were some opinions. So we decided to change the schedule and start the game accordingly to the plans. However the club wants to end the BPL before August 8 and if possible by July 31. So that the clubs have at least fifteen days in their hand so that they can adjust with switch,” said Abu Nayeem.

“If things are not done timely it becomes a problem. We cannot recruit well known foreign players if too much time is taken. We could not send our league winners to Asia Football Confederation (AFC) Cup. Keeping up with international calendar is difficult and we need to adjust the timetable of our local football accordingly,” he added.

Brothers Ltd Manager Amar Khan also accepted the notion. But the experienced organiser had his own say in the matter.

“In the newspaper I read the date of the transfer season. The question remains that we don’t know which two teams will be relegated from the Premier League. Suppose, Brothers were relegated, then why should we take part in the transfer? Which format to play, where the matches will take place also needs to be confirmed. Giving only a date will not be sufficient for all of these. So we wanted the Professional League Committee to take a decision regarding the date for the new league,” said Amer.

NoFeL Sporting Club Manager Shakhawat Hossain Bhuiyan told that there was no doubt that the federation will change their decision about the apex domestic football league, because many clubs simply cannot afford to participate in the league at this time of the year.

“BFF wanted our opinion by June 10 but as Eid-Ul-Fitr on June 5. But due to some work, we were not able to give our opinion. But now I see the date has been set. I have seen somewhere that BFF Vice-president Abu Nayeem Shohag has said that the date cane be shifted. The federation should have a meeting with the clubs and then decide on a date again. Then it will be better for us,” told Shakhawat.

Bashundhara Kings forward Tawhidul Alam Sabuj felt that the decision was taken for the greater good of football in Bangladesh and help Bangladeshi clubs to adhere to international football calendar.

“I welcome the decision and hope that it will be a fruitful one for Bangladesh. I want that both the clubs and players to behave professionally,” urged Sabuj.