Names of 300 loan defaulters revealed

Special Correspondent

23 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal on Saturday disclosed in parliament the names of top 300 loan defaulters.

“Different banks and financial institutions have some Tk 50,942 crore outstanding with top 300 loan defaulters,” he told the House while responding to a written question from treasury bench lawmaker Israfil Alam.

The number of loan defaulters in the country is now 170,390 and the total amount of default loan is Tk 102,315.19 crore, the finance minister said.

The day’s business began at about 3:00pm with Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury in the chair.

The question-answer session stipulated for the ministers was tabled in the House.

Top 10 loan defaulters are Samanaz Super Oil with Tk 1049 crore, Galaxy Sweater and Iron Dying with Tk 984 crore, Rimex Footwear with Tk 976 crore, Quantum Power System with Tk 828 crore, Mahin Enterprise with Tk 825 crore, Rupali Composite with Tk 798 crore, Crescent Leather Wear with Tk 776 crore, SA Oil Refinery with Tk 707 crore, Suprab Composite with Tk 610 crore and Grameen Shakti with Tk 601 crore.

Besides, the finance minister disclosed the names of those who took loan over Tk 5 crore from various banks and leasing companies since 2009.

As per the list, some 14,617 people have become loan defaulters with Tk 1.83 lakh crore, he said while responding to another question from Bangladesh Workers Party lawmaker Lutfun Nesa Khan.

The finance minister also said the number of loan defaulters increased by 58,436 in last 39 months and the amount of default loans rose by Tk 43,210.19 crore during the period.

Lutfun Nesa wanted to know the number of loan defaulters and amount of default loan in 2009 and the number of loan defaulters and the amount of default loan in 2018.

The finance minister in reply said he was unable to provide the information of 2009 as the information before 2015 was not available with the database of Bangladesh Bank.

“Total number of loan defaulters in the country has been increased to 170,390 in 2018 from 111,954 in 2015. And total amount of default loans has stood at Tk 102,315.19 crore in 2018 from Tk 59,105 crore in 2015,” he said.

The defaulters

Sammanaz Super Oil Ltd with Tk 1,049 crore, Galaxy Sweaters & Yarn Dyeing Ltd Tk 984 crore, Rimex Footwear Ltd Tk 976 crore, Quantum Power System Ltd Tk 828 crore, Maheem Enterprise Ltd Tk 825 crore, Rupali Composite Leatherwear Ltd Tk 798 crore, Crescent Leather Products Ltd Tk 776 crore, SA Oil Refinery Ltd Tk 707 crore,  Suprov Composite Knit Ltd Tk 610 crore, Grameen Shakti (GS) Tk 601 crore, Suprov Spinning Ltd Tk 582 crore, Computer Source Limited Tk 575 crore, Simran Composite Ltd Tk 564 crore, Max Shipping Mills Tk 526 crore, Benetex Industries Ltd Tk 523 crore, Alpha Composite Towels Ltd Tk 523 crore, Siddiqui Traders Tk 511 crore, Rubya Vegetable Oil Industries Ltd Tk 501 crore, Rising Steel Ltd Tk 495 crore, Anowara Spinning Mills Tk 474 crore, Suprov Rotor Spinning Ltd Tk 465 crore, Yasir Enterprise Tk 464 crore, Chowdhury Knitwear Ltd Tk 462 crore, RankaShoel Composite Textile Mills Ltd Tk 449 crore, Lexco Ltd Tk 439 crore, Jacquard Knitting Tk 430 crore, Ibrahim Textiles Mills Ltd 373 crore, Max International Tk 372 crore, Banglalion Communications Ltd Tk 371 crore, Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation Tk 352 crore, Hall Mark Fashion Ltd Tk 341 crore, Padma Poly Cotton Knit Fabrics Ltd Tk 333 crore, Grand Trading Enterprise Ltd Tk 324 crore, Fair Trade Fabrics Ltd Tk 322 crore, Gram Bangla NPK Fertilizer & Agro Industries Tk 318 crore, Saharish Composite Towels Ltd Tk 314 crore, 78 Associates Tk 309 crore, Rural Services Foundation Tk 306 crore, Suruj Miah Jute Spinning Mills Ltd Tk 304 crore, Fair Yarn Processing Ltd Tk 296 crore, Dhaka Central International Medical College and Hospital Ltd Tk 286 crore, Rupayan Housing Estate Ltd Tk 280 crore, SK Steel Tk 271 crore, Mabiya Ship Breakers Tk 271 crore.

Monno Fabrics Ltd Tk 267 crore, Helpline Sources Ltd Tk 258 crore, The Dacca Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Ltd Tk 258 crore and Bismillah Towels Ltd with Tk 244 crore. Ranka Denim Textile Mills with Ltd Tk 222 crore, Tania Enterprise Unit-2 Tk 212 crore, H Steel Re-Rolling Mills Tk 205 crore, Care Specialized Hospital and Research Centre Ltd Tk 204 crore, Bangladesh Industrial Finance Tk 201 crore, Chittagong Syndicate Tk 198 crore, T and Brother Knit Tk 197 crore, Globe Edible Tk 197 crore, Golden Jute Mills Tk 194 crore, Moths Egg Tk 194 crore, SematCity General Trading Tk 193 crore, Ibrahim Consortium Tk 192 crore, Lamisa Spinning Tk 191 crore, Apple Ceramics Tk 189 crore, RL Enterprise Tk 189 crore, MK Ship Builders Tk 185 crore, Mahmud Fabrics Tk 184 crore, Cotton Corporation Tk 184 crore, MBA Garments Tk 183 crore, Six Season Apartments Tk 183 crore, National Steel Tk 183 crore, Capital Board Mills Tk 183 crore, United Airways Tk 180 crore, Corolla Corporation Bangladesh Tk 178 crore, Exper Take Tk 176 crore, Bulu International Tk 175 crore, Safari Traders Tk 174 crore, Amader Bari Tk 173 crore, Wall Mart Fashion Tk 170 crore, Agro Industries Private Tk 168 crore, Shob Meher Spinning Tk 168 crore, Suprov Spinning Tk 167 crore, Himalaya Paper Mill Tk 166 crore, Liberty Fashion Tk 164 crore, Crescent Tanneries Tk 163 crore, Chowdhury Towel Tk 163 crore, Chowdhury Leather Tk 162 crore, Islam Trading Tk 154 crore, Apex Knit Tk 156 crore, Abdullah Spinning Tk 155 crore, Anwara Mannan Textile Tk 153 crore, Sagir and Brothers Tk 153 crore, Mustard Trading Tk 152 crore, Islam Brothers Tk 152 crore, Hindul Wali Textile Tk 152 crore, Anjan Chemicals Tk 151 crore, One Denim Mills Tk 151 crore, Munir Steel Tk 150 crore and Globe Metal Complex with Tk 150 crore.

Ershad Brothers with Tk 149 crore, Jalal and Sons Tk 149 crore, Biswas Garments Tk 149 crore, Sayeed Foods Tk 145 crore, NRC Shipping Tk 144 crore, Ali Paper Mills Tk 143 crore, Rahman Ship Breakers Tk 142 crore, Dredge Bangla Tk 142 crore, Fareast Stocks and Bonds Tk 139 crore, Fiber Shine Tk 138 crore, Ornate Services Tk 137 crore, Msr Mozibor Rahman Khan Tk 136 crore, Zahed Enterprise Tk 134 crore, Tabassum Enterprise Tk 133 crore, Msr Habibul Islam Tk 84 crore, Mabiya Steel Tk 84 crore, Padma Adgro Tk 84 crore, Aman Trading Tk 85 crore, Polymer Knitwear Tk 85 crore, Emerald Auto Tk 85 crore, Majestica Holdings Tk 85 crore, Wafa Enterprise Tk Tk 84 crore, Monica Trading Tk 83 crore, SA Traders Tk 83 crore, Aristocrat Agro Tk 83 crore, Europa Beverage Tk 83 crore, Fashion Craft Tk 83 crore, Atlas Green Tk 83 crore, Emerald Cold Storage Tk 83 crore, Shahnewaz Jute Mills Tk 82 crore, Maar Limited Tk 82 crore, Dress Me Fashion Tk 82 crore, Mohammad Elius Plant Tk 81 crore, Shahil Fashions Tk 81 crore, Foster Real Estate Tk 81 crore, Emam Traders Tk 81 crore, Emam Limited Tk 80 crore, Globe Janakantho Tk 80 crore, Feaz Enterprise Tk 80 crore, M-Nur Sweaters Tk 79 crore, Khan Sons Textile Tk 79 crore, Zuma Enterprise Tk 79 crore, NHK Fabrics Tk 79 crore, Grandeur Shiping Tk 79 crore, Sardar Apparels Ltd Tk 106 crore, Creative Trade Tk 106 crore, Crystal Steel and Ship Breaking Ltd Tk 105 crore, Super Six Star Ship Breaking Yard Tk 105 crore, Z and J Intermnational Tk 105 crore, Cox Developer Ltd Tk 105 crore, S Shipping Line Tk 104 crore, Jaba Taxtile Mills Tk 103 crore, Centre for Assisted Reproduction Private Limited Tk 103 crore and Bitorany Traders with Tk 103 crore.

Shital Enterprise with Tk 102 crore, Price Club General Trading Ltd Tk 102 crore, New Auto Define Tk 102 crore, Anika Enterprise Tk 101 crore, ARSS Enterprise Tk 101 crore, Oshin Spinning Mills Ltd Tk 69 crore, Classic Suppliers Ltd (Unit-2) Tk 69 crore, Syed Traders Tk 69 crore, Wisteria Taxtile Ltd Tk 69 crore, Nobel Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd Tk 68 crore, Ali Enterprise Tk 68 crore, Foster Trading International Limited Tk 74 crore, Surma Steel & Steel trading Co. Tk 74 crore, Ibrahim Composite Textile Mills Ltd. Tk 74 crore,  North South Spinning Mills Ltd Tk 73 crore, Eusan Knit Composite Ltd Tk 73 crore, Ehsan Steel Rerolling Mills Limited Tk 73 crore, Dhaka Aluminum Works Ltd Tk 73 crore, Shahadat Enterprise Tk 73 crore, MK trade International Tk 73 crore, Hall Mark Spinning Mills Ltd Tk 72 crore, Ajax Jute Mills Ltd  Tk 72 crore, Shahed Ship Breaking Tk 72 crore, Rumman & Brothers Tk 72 crore, Roseburg Rice Mills Ltd Tk 71 crore, AST Beverge Limited Tk 71 crore, Mintex Fashion Limited Tk 71 crore, Rangpur Jute Mills Tk 71 crore, Poseburg Industries Ltd Tk 71 crore, CPM Composite Knit (PVT) Ltd Tk 70 crore, Hanjala Textiles Park Limited Tk 70 crore, Eastern Corporation Tk 70 crore, Finncoly apparels Ltd Tk 70 crore, Joint Traders Tk 70 crore, National Iron and Steel Industries Ltd Tk 69 crore, Eco Brick Limited Tk 69 crore, Talukder Plastic Company Limited Tk 69 crore, BNS International Co Tk 69 crore, Apollo Ispat Complex Ltd Tk 69 crore, Techo Plast Industries Ltd Tk 69 crore, Apex Weaving and Finishing Mills Ltd Tk 130 crore, Mission Developers Ltd Tk 130 crore, Talukder UPVC fitting Industries Ltd Tk 130 crore, Anontext Knit Tex Limited Tk 129 crore, The Well Tex Ltd Tk 128 crore, Delta Systems Limited Tk 128 crore, FR Jute Trading Tk 128 crore, Gat Knit Text Limited Tk 128 crore, J V B Knit Tez Limited Tk 128 crore, Zara Knit Tex Limited Tk 127 crore, Sonali Jute Mills Ltd Tk 127 crore, Samannaz Condensed Milk Limited Tk 127 crore, Zuma Enterprise Tk 126 crore, Rephco Pharmaceuticals Limited Tk 126 crore, Striger Composite Limited Tk 125 crore, Shafique Steel Tk 122 crore and Styld Fashion Garments Limited with Tk 121 crore.

Rajshahi Sugar Mills with Ltd Tk 121 crore, Emerald Oil Industries Ltd Tk 121 crore, Lucky Ship Builders Ltd Tk 120 crore, Meem Enterprise Tk 120 crore, Al-Amin Beverage Industries Ltd Tk 120 crore, F K Knit Tex Ltd Tk 119 crore, Map Paper Board Millis Ltd Tk 119 crore, Otobi Limited Tk 118 crore, Hilful Fuzil Samaj Kalyan Sangstha Tk 118 crore, AK Jute Trading Co Tk 117 crore, Monowara Trading Tk 117 crore, Chittagong Ispat Tk 117 crore, Techno Design & Development Ltd Tk 116 crore, Alvi Knit Text Limited Tk 116 crore, F R Jute Mills Limited Tk 114 crore, Textile Virtuoso Tk 114 crore, Golden Horizon Tk 100 crore, Joypurhat Sugar Mills Tk 100 crore, Dusai Hotel & Resort Tk 100 crore, Mobarak Ali Spinning Mills Tk 99 crore, Keya Cosmetics Tk 99 crore, Reza Jute trading Tk 99 crore, RK Food Tk 98 crore, Mymco Jute Mills (composite) Tk 98 crore, Ardent Systems Tk 98 crore, Tex Knit International Tk 96 crore, Benz Industries (BD) Tk 96 crore, Mas Ship Recycling Industries Tk 96 crore, Bangladesh Dresses Tk 96 crore, Mohammad Ilias Brothers Tk 95 crore, Zaynab Trading Co. Tk 95, Oasis Hi0Tech Sportswear Tk 94 crore, Carew And Co. (BD) Tk 94 crore, Feaz Enterprise Tk 94 crore, Ekhlus Spinning Mills Limited Tk 93 crore, Fahami Knitwear Tk 92 crore, J & J Fabrics Textile Tk 92 crore, RB Enterprise Tk 92 crore, Online Propertise Tk 92 crore, Fahami Washing Plant Tk 89 crore, Land Mark Fabric Tk  88 crore, SK Enterprise Tk 88 crore, Shifan Shipping Line Tk 88 crore, Supreme Jute & Knite Tk 88 crore, Fortune still Tk 87 crore, Mostofa Oil Products Limited Tk 86 crore,  S Resources Shipping Line Ltd Tk 78 crore, North Pole BD Limited Tk 78 crore, Advanced Development Technologicies Limited Tk 78 crore, Eurocars Holdings PTE LTD Tk 78 crore and SPG Shipping Line Ltd with Tk 77 crore.

Solaren Foundation with Tk 77 crore, Atlas Food & Beverage Ltd Tk 77 crore, MAF Newsprint Mills Limited Tk 77 crore, FAS Finance And Investment Limited Tk 77 crore, Information Solutions Limited Tk 77 crore, Biswas Textile Ltd Tk 76 crore, Globe Insecticides Limited Tk 76 crore, Asian Food Trading & CO with 76 crore, Sharija Oil Refainary Ltd Tk 76 crore, Uosan Knit Bangladesh Tk 76 crore, Brothers Enterprise Tk 76 crore, Nabil Textile Mills LTD Tk 76 crore, Dhaka Denim Ltd Tk 75 crore, MR Shipping Line Tk 75 crore, MMSB Textile Mills LTD Tk 75 crore, Buildtrade Engineering Limited Tk 75 crore, Kabir Enterprise with 75 crore, Desh Jewellers Tk 74 crore, Loahjong Trade International LTD Tk 74 crore, Badhon Food Industries LTD worth Tk74 crore, Infratech Construction Company Tk 74 crore, Pretty Sweaters LTD Tk 74, Wellpac Construction Ltd Tk 74 crore, Oishee International Tk 74 crore, MAK Ship Builders Tk 114 crore, Western Housing Ltd Tk 113 crore, Simi Knit Tex Ltd Tk 113 crore,  MBEC PBL JV Tk 113 crore, Elaine Apparels Ltd Tk 113 crore, Shining Knit Tex Ltd Tk 112 crore, Prorusion Textile Mills Tk 112 crore, South Eastern Paper Mills Ltd Tk 111 crore, Matex Tk 111 crore, Siddique and Company Ltd Tk 110 crore, Confidence Shoes Ltd Tk 108 crore, Ahmed Muztaba Steel Industries Tk 108 crore, Shapla Flower Mills Tk 108 crore, Abdur Razzque Ltd Tk 107 crore and Habib Steels Ltd with Tk 106 crore.