58 names of criminals in Interpol red notice for years

Ahamed Ullah

22 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Interpol has currently served ‘red notice’ against 58 Bangladeshi criminals who are hiding in different countries, but little efforts have been made to bring them back home.

Many names of the criminals had been in the list of Interpol ‘red notice’ for several decades, but police have no updated information about them.  

Despite the notices issued by Interpol, the criminals have remained fugitive in different countries for long to escape arrest. Not a single one could be arrested or brought back home.

According to Police Headquarters (PHQ) Interpol desk, Interpol issued red notice against those who are top criminals and fugitives.

It tries to identify location and arrest the criminals with the help of the countries the criminals are hiding. After their arrest, the accused are sent back to their country of origin through legal process.

Security experts said even after the international police organisation issued red notices, Bangladesh authorities should have used diplomatic channels to bring them – a difficult task though, particularly when many countries do not have extradition treaties with Bangladesh.

Although information about many criminals surfaced but they could not be arrested or detained due to legal complexities and lack of extradition treaty with the country concerned.

Several convicted killers of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman are staying in different countries. Their names, plus the names of August 21 grenade attackers are on the list published by the Police Headquarters.

Besides, terrors like Shahadat, Subrato Bain and Jishan who once posed a great threat to the country’s law and order situation are also on the list.

Of the 58 criminals, 6 were convicted in the Bangabandhu murder case, 4 in August 21 grenade attack case, 6 in crimes against humanity, 4 in the killing of four national leaders, and 43 people, including top criminals, were named in the red notice.

Mohiul Islam, Assistant Inspector General (AIG) head of National Central Bureau (NCB) in Police Headquarters, told daily sun Interpol help is sought to know the location of criminals who have fled the country. Considering that Interpol issues red notices on those offenders.

The criminals are able to escape arrest in foreign countries because of not having prisoner-exchange treaty.

However, so far it was possible to bring back a number of criminals including a killer of Bangabandhu due to mutual bilateral relations, he said.

He added that if the red notice holder submits application for political asylum abroad, legal complexities arise.

According to multiple sources, the government has specific information about the location of the 4 people convicted in the Bangabandhu murder case. There is specific information about one of the convicts in August 21 grenade attack.

There is also information about two of the six people absconding in the case of crimes against humanity.

Of the top terrorists, locations of at least 20 people are known to many. But Interpol cannot do anything about them.

Security expert Major General (Retd) Md Abdur Rashid told daily sun, “Everyone keeps eyes on criminals after Interpol publishes their names.”

“Interpol, the largest organisation in the world after the United Nations, works so the criminal of a country cannot escape to another country.”

“But it depends on the government of a country where the criminal is living. It can help returning the criminal to his country of origin,” he added.

He further said the western countries are not interested in sending back those who were sentenced to death in their countries.

Interpol red notice has 23 top terrorists of Dhaka. Some of them are in prison of different countries. Many are passing a runaway life.

According to various sources, top terrorist Prakash Kumar Biswas has lived in France’s capital Paris for 15 years. Prakash occasionally visited Calcutta from Paris.

Another top terrorist Bikash Kumar Biswash, brother of Prakash, was released on bail from Kasimpur prison on 14 December 2012.

After crossing through Benapole port of Jessore, he went to Calcutta. From there, he went to Paris. Since then, he is known to live there.

Another top terror Jisan lives in Dubai. He is doing hotel business there.