When the gravediggers feel unhappy!

Staff Correspondent

18 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Gravediggers in the country’s largest Rayerbazar graveyard in Dhaka’s Mohammadpur area are unhappy as the number of burials daily are the lowest which hurts their earnings officially and from the loved ones of the dead.

Smaller and old Azimpur graveyard bury 30-35 and Jurain 20-25  corpses daily, which  outnumber stheir capacity, while the Rayerbazar grave diggers count only three or four daily.

“Sometimes we pass days without buring a single body,” Md Rabbani, one of the grave diggers told the daily sun.

Atiqul Islam, the Dhaka North Mayor, told this correspondent :“The graveyard is open to all. But being a household name in Dhaka, Azimpur graveyard got  more bodies for burial. I am reviewing how to make people more aware about it.”

I am also reviewing if we can make it free ,he said.   The graveyard has excellent facilities for bathing, Namaj-E-Janaja and for special cases burial clothes are supplied, her said adding but it has failed to draw people from burying their loved ones in this place.

Dhaka North City Corporation constructed and oversees the graveyard. The graveyard was inaugurated on March 26, 2016 and has the capacity of burying 80,500 bodies to help meet the latest requirements because the Jurain and Azimpur or other smaller ones are left with minimum space.

Bangladesh Army’s 14 Independent Engineering Brigade has been implementing the Tk 505.60 crore scheme covering over 96.23 acres.

There are 22 grave diggers and for each burial they charge only Tk 500 as  fixed by the DNCC.

“The main reason of not becoming a choice for burials is that Azimpur graveyard is one of the oldest  in the country. It is well known to the people who usually like to be buried or are laid to rest by their loved ones as elder family members are buried there,” said Abdul Aziz, senior Mohrar (Official) of the graveyard.

“More than 95 acres of graveyard grave plots have remained unused. But Azimpur graveyard buried 11,000 bodies annually, while in our graveyard, we bury only 1,000,” he added.

According to government rule, after 2-3 years, a new body is laid to rest over the older one due to lack of space in the Azimpur graveyard, Azizo added.

Talking to daily sun, public relation officer of ASM Mamun said they have done what they could to make people aware about the graveyard. But because of the minimal charge people might be choosing Azimpur or Jurain for free burials, he said.