Family in fear as 6 members murdered in 18 years

Mahabub Alam

18 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

A family is haunted by the fear of losing another of its member after six were murdered in the past 18 years in the hands of alleged drug pins and said they were waiting for justice.

The unfortunate family which lives in Dhaka’s overcrowded Khilgaon area have lost almost all its male members during this time and claimed that they did not know why the six became targets of a local criminal gang. However, police claimed the killings were linked to drugs.

Malkaz Bhuiyan and Asirun Begum couple, resident of Bhuyian Para at Meradia, gave birth to three sons and two daughters.

In the latest tragedy to hit the family, was the murder of their grandson, Redwan Redu, on 17 May 2019 in Khilgaon after Iftar hours. He was mercilessly stabbed by unidentified men and later died, but could name three of the attackers to his sister. They are Nabi, Mamun, Kalu and Juna.

Shahida Begum, mother of Redu, filed a murder case with Khilgaon Police Station. Police have already arrested the three.  The family’s tragedy started in 2001 when their second son was murdered.

On May 26 in 2001, unidentified men killed their second son Fazlu Huq while he came out of Minar Mosque at Bhuiyan Para after offering his prayers, according to the family members.

After 13 years they lost their elder son Maznu Mia, a businessman, after he was shot dead in the same area on April 23 in 2014.

Few months after the death of Maznu, their couple’s youngest son Hasan went missing and later it was found he was abducted from Gazipur. Seven days after he went missing, an unidentified man telephoned the family saying Hasan was killed. Hasan or his body were never found and the telephone number used was switched off since then.

Saifur Rahman, additional deputy commissioner of Khilgaon Zone of Motijheel Crime Division at DMP, told daily sun that two men killed Redu and they gave confessional statement in the court. “The killers and the victim used to take and peddle in drugs with the three arrested. He was killed due to internal feud.”

Shahida claimed her son was innocent and was murdered as per the directive of a man named Juna. She also claimed Juna and his seven brothers were drug pins.

She alleged that Juna, Kalu, Tapan Kamrul and Dela attacked her son Shanto and Redu.  Later, Ajufa Begum filed a general diary with Khilgaon Police that night.

Maksudur Rahaman, sub-inspector of the police station, was assigned to look into the case, but he did not take any step, she alleged. Maksud was not available for comment.

On the murder of her husband Maznu, she added that she lodged a case and a charge sheet was submitted, but the unidentified killers were yet to be arrested.

“After losing my husband and son, now I live with my lone daughter in constant fear,” she said. 

Malkaz-Asirun couple’s eldest daughter Ajufa Begum lost her son Shamim last year ahead of the Eid al-Fitr festival.

Shamim, a private car driver, had an argument over 1,500 Taka with an alleged drug peddler named Razu few days before he was stabbed to death. He named Razu, Al Amin and Tuhin as the attackers before he died in hospital the next day.

The three were arrested, but the leader was still absconding, said Abdur Wahid,  the victim’s father.

Not only Ajufa’s son, her son-in-law Joynal was killed in the same area in 2015.

Ajufa, in tears, told the daily sun that she lost her three brothers, son and son-in-law and a nephew and is afraid if her son Shanto would also face the same fate. “Shanto does not go out of the house for fear of being murdered,” she said.

Octogenarian Asirun Begum said, “I seek justice from God. I do not know why they were killed.”