Don’t bother about numbers

Modi tells oppn ahead of new Parliament session

18 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday assured the opposition that their ‘every word’ will be taken seriously by the government despite the NDA’s numerical advantage in Parliament. The Prime Minister was speaking outside Parliament moments before the beginning of the first session of the 17th Lok Sabha, reports Hindustan Times.

“The role of an opposition and an active opposition is important in a Parliamentary democracy. The opposition need not bother about their numbers. Whatever numbers opposition parties may have got from the people, we will take their every word seriously. I hope they speak actively and participate in house proceedings,” said PM Modi.

The BJP led NDA has 353 MPs in the lower house of Parliament that has a total strength of 545. The BJP alone has 303 MPs, while the second largest party in the house, the Congress has 52 MPs.

Further stressing on the need to work with the opposition, the PM said, “When we come to Parliament, we should forget ‘Paksh’ (the Treasury) and ‘Vipaksh’ (the Opposition). We should think about issues with a ‘Nishpaksh’ (objective) spirit and work in the larger interest of the nation.