Caution against fake certificates

17 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

It is a shame that people are using technology and intelligence to do wrong things instead of doing something positive. In a country of teeming millions and lots of semi-educated or illiterate people, it is sad that resources are being used for producing false educational certificates. If fake certificates are being produced then there must be a market for them, otherwise no one would be making them. It is not enough just to catch and punish the culprits who are making or commissioning these fakes. The root cause of the matter must be addressed too to eliminate it from society. We must ensure that such a criminal act die down, through cautious recruiting and installing false educational certificate detectors in offices and institutions as deterrence.

The main reason for getting fake certificates is to get a good job in today’s highly competitive times. People tread the path of fake certificates as jobs are few and candidates innumerable. Creating more jobs will decrease the disproportionate ratio of jobs versus candidates, thus reducing the pressure to outshine competitors.

 In the past several years, Dhaka University authorities identified hundreds of fake certificates. Yet we hear of many who got employed and worked for decades on the basis of false certificates before being caught. Workers going abroad, people from rural areas and also some fraud people to prove themselves as worthy grooms get false certificates to improve their profile.

Many problems faced by our country currently are due to the weakening of the moral fabric of our society at large which needs to be mended without delay. Dealing with crime and immorality at the national level can be long, arduous and a never ending one. Counselling people when they are still school students can strengthen character to overcome peer pressure against adopting fraudulent steps and also solve many social problems like drugs, alcohol, gambling, rape, bribery, question paper leakage, etc. In this way coming generations can be groomed to become more ethical in thoughts and actions.

In any case, kids nowadays face many unique problems and access to counselling could help sort out many of them. Students must also be alerted that without good results they cannot enter higher education or chosen profession in a competitive world.