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Facial recognition terminal launched

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17 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Facial recognition terminal launched

Global biometric-based security solutions provider ZKTeco has launched state-of-the-art facial recognition terminals.

There are different kinds of display in the new devices including 5-inch horizontal touch display, vertical touch display while enhanced visible light facial recognition ensures fastest recognition for ease of use. The company claimed 3-in-1 verification includes fingerprint and RFID, in addition to facial recognition will support users to ensure maximum security.

Besides, dual camera setup makes sure the face can be recognized in real-time. The device also has the unique capacity to recognize up to 6,000 individual faces.  SpeedFace-H5 and V5 can identify any one standing within a distance of 3 meter which significantly improves maximum traffic without creating any queue.

Moreover, while most of algorithms only support 15-degree angle facial recognition, ZKTeco supports 30-degree angle facial recognition.