Best Sites For Home Decor

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17 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Best Sites For Home Decor

We all need a bit of inspiration now and then. When it comes to home décor, nobody can do it like the experts. Although most of us have some ideas on what type of rooms we want, there are many things that are important to be taken care of.

Take the verandah decoration as an example- should it resemble a jungle or be more airy or might we style it up in vintage fashion with a wooden chair and lights? What kind of theme would we like to adopt? Should there be a colour pattern in our house? Home décor isn’t just about buying furniture and placing them anywhere in a room. There needs to be elegance added. Your home needs to have a life of its own. Since everything can be done online now- from shopping to communicating, Groove decided to explore the best options out there to make your homes magical with a little advice from the pros:


Make your house a home - Houzz

There are very few sites that can match up to the impressive collection that the website Houzz boasts of. Houzz helps you make your house a home! From rooms and wardrobes to garages and sheds, its formidable database can handle any nooks of your house smoothly. While some aspects of interior here might stray from our culture and architect in Bangladesh, you will find most of them relatable and worthy. Beyond the stunning pictures, there is a corner for guides as well which will guide you through the proper channel of lighting and styling.



Coco Lapine Design- For the minimalists

Not everyone likes loud and garish walls and furniture and for those folks, Coco Lapine Design is the perfect haven. Created by Belgian designer Sarah Van Peteghem, Coco Lapine brings in soft, minimalistic and soothing decor ideas! The lady handles dark tints and pastels like a pro and yet brings in a cheerful look. Not everything requires colour to stand out.


Martha Stewart’s eclectic blend

Martha Stewart and home decor go hand-in-hand. This site is an eclectic blend of makeovers, designs, and decor. From the simplest idea on the best way to organize a kitchen to containing the blueprint of a master bedroom, this site caters to each and every whim that you can come up with. Prepare to feast your eyes with the before-and-after experiments and extensive makeovers.



Make you smile style - Bright Bazaar

Bright Bazaar, the brainchild of Will Taylor, is an Alladin’s cave of gorgeous colors and contemporary designs. This self-confessed gentleman who is a firm believer of beige is boring, has quite an interesting take on blending colors and designs to make a space look crisp and clean. Nobody likes a dull, colorless life, yet most of our homes are exactly like that- dull and colorless. As you click on the website, it reads “Make You Smile Style.” This will surely make both your face and your house smile.