Overrated Golden A+

16 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Overrated Golden A+

A+ is given when a student gets 80 per cent marks on average in the total marks of the exam. It’s the highest scale of judging your merit, academic knowledge and also the highest GPA status up to intermediate. A student is said to have a Golden A+ when they get at least 80 per cent marks in each and every subject in the exam. Getting A+ is not wrong, but it’s not right to discourage the students who don’t get A+. The word golden is not an official word. It’s informally used. But it affects us a lot. It influences us a lot. This alleged Golden A+ has both kinds of reaction in our student life. The student who gets Golden A+, everyone consider him to be a very good student. Those who do not get it, they get addressed as being bad students. For this term, many students lose their hope, lose their life. Many students think their life to be valueless without A+. The society applauds the students attaining golden A+ and criticise the non golden students.

The effect of the title of golden spoils our education life. It spoils our mindset. It increases sick competition. To acquire this, students are disinterested to gain knowledge from outside. They are limited to bookish knowledge. Their only dream is to get a Golden A+. Getting A+ is not a problem, the problem is in our system, in our process. We feel very proud of getting a golden plus but we don’t check whether the children gain knowledge to deal with real life.

We need to make our education system practical. The sick competition and lack of knowledge must be eliminated from the system. Results cannot be more important than acquiring knowledge. Getting high academic results alone can’t help us to become good human beings. Golden does not always mean a golden future or a golden human being. Golden A+ is being overrated in this era. Teachers should help students understand that A+ is only a result; not the whole life.


Hasan Tasnim Shaon, University of Dhaka