Future of our tourism industry

16 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Future of our tourism industry

Love for the motherland is innate in every human being. That inner love stimulates the hunger for knowing the motherland and enjoying its eye-catching beauty. Bangladesh is such a beautiful land that many poems and verses were written by famous people in their literature describing this beauty. We have many tourist spots in our country. It is worth mentioning that many of those spots are not visited by the local tourists due to lack of knowledge about them.

People of Bangladesh always love the beauty of nature. Actually, they are mad about it. It is a matter of great hope for us because we have a great potential in our tourism sector. The Almighty bestowed us with the world’s largest sea beach. We have the largest mangrove forest in the world. We have the Saint Martin’s Island that is a rare beauty. We have also got Rangamati and Bandarban hilly beauties. These are just a few of the tourist attractions in Bangladesh. We have many more tourist attractions in our lovely motherland that is why it is recognised as the queen of beauty of all countries.

Tourism in our country has a very bright future. Unfortunately, still we have to use the term “future”. Still, we could not turn that future in the present one. According to different sources, revenue from our tourism sector has steeply risen during the last few years. It has created big employment opportunity for the people of Bangladesh, especially for those where employment has been a real crisis. Moreover, tours and travels bring us the immense opportunity to know the beloved motherland, its people, culture, the heritage that enrich our mind and foster an educated love for the very own country.

Though we have a huge scope to develop the tourism sector, unfortunately, we are not doing well in this sector. The main problems, as I think, are the lack of patronisation and proper utilisation of resources. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from Bangladesh are visiting neighbouring countries each year causing a huge loss of remittance and keeping our tourism sector backwards. According to the report of various national journals, about 600,000 tourists visited abroad on the occasion of the Eid-Ul-Fitr this year. This could have been a domestic tour giving us a huge earning and saving our hard earned foreign exchange being spent on overseas holidays.

It is a matter of utmost shock that many of the tourists who visit abroad to enjoy the beauty of nature have never seen the beauty of the mighty sea of Cox’s Bazar or the breathtaking beauty of St. Martin’s Island. I personally know many of my friends who have never visited the main tourist attractions of our country, and are rushing for the acquisition of Indian or Nepali Visa for the purpose of tour. This implies a rooted negligence towards the motherland or the lack of knowledge among the people about how beautiful our country is.

To motivate the native people to tour inside the country is a real challenge for the concerned authority right now. Huge initiatives regarding publicity and advertising should be undertaken by the authorities. Roads and highways should be improved. Safety measures in the tourist spots must be enhanced. Moreover, decorations and preservations of the tourist spots providing better environment are also the crying need. National dailies and Television channels also have to come up with a helping hand to make ours as one of the giant tourist industries of the world. Last but not least, every individual who loves tour and travels should vow to watch the unending beauty of their motherland first.


Arif Ahammed, Lecturer of Accounting Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University