No part-time teachers only

12 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

It is alarming that almost all private universities are dependent mainly on part-time teachers for imparting higher education in the country. According to the University Grants Commission, part-timers outnumber the full-time faculty members by more than two-thirds or so. This is an ominous sign for the education sector. 

The highest seat of education is the base of our last hope for an educated nation as this is supposed to provide us with quality graduates in different fields of education. Educated citizens will lead the country. It is obvious that if their education suffers due to lack of required standard on the global scale, the whole nation and we will fall back in such competitions.

Part-timers work in different places at the same time and many consider teaching as a secondary job. Thus education suffers as these teachers have limited time to update themselves.

On the other hand, their other jobs also suffer and that means these part-timers’ knowledge goes to waste.

Despite that private universities charge high fees, they employ part-timers who work for low wages at the cost of students’ pursuit for quality education.

As per the report published in the daily sun yesterday private universities, in violation of section 35 (3) of Private University Act-2010, employ part-timers whose numbers are more than one-third of the permissible number.

Such violations produce low quality students which is a loss for the country. Immediate action must be taken for the sake of the students and the country.

The authorities must be proactive to stop such violations to ensure that students get the best education for which they are paying hard-earned cash to the universities.