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The right way to store your toothbrush

The right way to store your toothbrush

Most of the people keep their toothbrush within their reach, on top of their washbasin, while others considering the hygiene factor, store it inside their medicine cupboard. But are you able to protect your toothbrush from disease-causing germs? We all know that our bathroom is filled with disease-causing germs and when you place your toothbrush there, chances are that millions of germs are breeding on your toothbrush. And the same germs on your toothbrush go directly inside your mouth. We tell you the right place to store the toothbrush...

What is the most hygienic place?

You can debate all day about it and still won’t be able to reach the right conclusion because almost every place is filled with germs and bacteria. The air contains million of microorganism that can lead to serious health issues. But one thing is for sure that keeping your toothbrush in your washroom is not hygienic at all.

When you store your toothbrush in the washroom, you are exposing it to germs like toilet plume. Toilet plume are referred to as aerosolized cloud of microscopic particles, which spread in the air when you flush the toilet.

Though it is not very much clear how far the toilet plumes can reach, but if your toothbrush is on the counter near your toilet seat, it is probably in its range. However, there is not much evidence to prove that toilet plumes cause dangerous disease. But it can lead to food poisoning.

The right way to store it

Always keep your toothbrush in a place that allows it to dry between uses. This is one of the reasons why it is not recommended to place your toothbrush inside the medicine closet. The enclosed and humid surrounding are an excellent spot for the burgeoning of germs and bacteria. You can consider keeping it in a stand in your bedroom.

Other tips

-Don’t share your toothbrush with anyone.

-Rinse it well after use

-Don’t let the head of someone else’s toothbrush touch yours.

-Change your toothbrush after three to four months.

                —Times of India