Tighten control over private universities

9 June, 2019 12:00 AM printer

With utter dismay we take note that most of the private universities of Bangladesh have flouted basic government rules and have been busy making profits by taking advantage of slack monitoring by the Education Ministry.

The private universities were set up to ensure higher education for more students as the public universities were unable to accommodate increasing number of pupil every year.

The Daily Sun has started to publish a series of reports on the private universities from yesterday and we hope it would draw the attention of the universities which have been flouting the rule regarding submission of their annual audit reports.

First, as our report has mentioned, they wanted to hide alleged financial graft as many have resorted to charging students manifold than permitted under different headings.

Second, by flouting the rules they are trying to tell their students that they too were powerful to flout all kinds of rules, including being rowdy on the streets as often witnessed.

Thirdly, audit reports are being kept a secret to get more grants and financial support from different sources by telling them that they were financially hard-up.

We all know that many private universities have become major money-making machines without giving a thought to the abilities of the parents to send their children to these universities. Many parents sold their landed properties to fund their children’s education in these private universities. Many students suffer from depression after their parents cannot afford to pay the fees for their studies in private universities.

Private universities are owned by businessmen and wealthy people who should be told not to rip off parents and make profit, but help those who deserve for an educated Bangladesh.

Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni told our correspondent that her office was taking steps to tighten the noose on the private universities in a bid to stop “irregularities.” The question is why it has not been done earlier.

We would like to see that the Education Ministry take urgent steps to tighten control over the private universities by not only taking steps to stop irregularities, but also putting the clamps on fees so that most of our young people can get the opportunity to educate themselves in their chosen universities.