Huawei P30: A Phone With Familiar Design

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30 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Huawei P30: A Phone With Familiar Design

When it comes to a new smarphone, so many questions pop up in our minds. Questions such as ‘how good is the camera on the model’ and ‘does it have the same impressive battery life’ are very common. Here is a review of Huawei P30 where we hope you will find all the answers of your questions.



With beautiful gradient finishes and solid build quality, Huawei phones are easy to spot in a crowd and the P30 is no exception. It comes in a selection of five different colors with the most common ones being the ‘Aurora’ light blue-and-green gradient, the ‘Breathing Crystal’ white-and-blue gradient, and the classic black version. The one we have up for review is the Aurora one and it looks stunning as the whole pattern shifts as light hits the phone from different angles.


The phone itself is solidly put together and feels sturdy. The back is glass and the frame is made out of metal, your typical modern flagship in other words, and it comes with the typical for such a glass cover affinity for fingerprint smudges.



With the smaller physical size also comes a smaller screen size, as the regular P30 has a 6.1-inch display, slightly smaller than the 6.47-inch screen on the Pro. There is something else too: the P30 has a flat screen, while the display on the Pro is tapered at the edges. The tapered screen has the advantage of diminished bezels and the futuristic look that comes with this, but the flat screen is more practical simply because you can get a firmer grip on the phone without worrying that you accidentally touch the screen with the fleshy part of your thumb. Plus, no curves mean nothings distorts the picture at the edges and repairs for a shattered screen are much easier.


In terms of quality, the screen on the regular P30 is AMOLED screens that are capable of producing brilliant colours and it looks generally good.