Address Rohingyas’ restlessness

24 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The Rohingyas are refugees in Bangladesh. They have come across the border from Myanmar fleeing persecution since many years. Bangladesh is right now hosting over 1.2 million Rohingyas who were forcibly displaced from Rakhine of Myanmar. Bangladesh may not be monetarily a rich country but the Bengalis are generous hearted people. So, on behest of our honourable Prime Minister the people welcomed the unfortunate Rohingyas with the expectation that they will eventually return to their homeland.

But gradually with the passage of time, as the politics of the situation unfolded, it became clear that the return of the Rohingyas to their homeland may not happen anytime soon, if at all. The delay is due to fear for the safety of their lives in Myanmar as the junta is unwilling to grant the Rohingyas citizenship rights as they don’t recognise them as belonging to Myanmar.

Though Bangladesh is hospitable to the Rohingyas, but they are naturally losing patience with the slow progress of settlement. Moreover, the idle Rohingyas are getting involved in various crimes which bode ill for Bangladesh society too. Whether the Rohingyas stay here indefinitely or move elsewhere, but as long as they remain on Bangladeshi soil all Rohingyas should be registered if they want relief from the government of Bangladesh. Also the authorities should have constructive activities planned for them for the sake of discipline and to keep them occupied. It will enable them to feel useful to society, nurture responsibility and reduce the restlessness arising from idleness.

There should be effective plans to prevent them from spreading out from the refugee camps as they are now trying to move into the interiors of Bangladesh and the rest of the world to seek livelihood for themselves and their family. As they are obtaining Bangladeshi passport with the help of some corrupt officials, the government should look into it too. We want to help the Rohingyas as best as we can. But it is not the responsibility of Bangladesh alone; it is also the responsibility of the rest of the world society, who are silent spectators of the agony of a hapless people.