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7 Practical Workouts to Do at Home

23 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

7 Practical Workouts to Do at Home

Going to the gym can be a very time-consuming activity! Between the commute, waiting for people to finish with the machines, and spending time changing clothes/showering, a 1-hour workout can turn into a 3-hour ordeal.

Or you can just work out at home and get fit without having to waste time! Here are 7 simple, practical workouts to do at home:

Cardio Workout

Want to hit your cardio hard? Perform 60 seconds of jump rope, 10 burpees, 60 seconds of bear crawl, 10 squat jumps. Rest for two minutes, then hit the circuit all over again. Repeat at least three to 5 times

Ascending Pyramid

Choose any exercise for any muscle, and do the following: one set of two reps, one set of four reps, one set of 6 reps, and so on until you hit 14 reps.

Upper Body Burn

Perform a set of push-ups, pull-ups, Renegade Rows, and 60 seconds of plank. Rest for 2 minutes, then repeat the circuit. Do it three to 6 times for an upper body burn!

Total Body Workout

Perform one set of Push-Ups, one set of Pull-Ups, and one set of Squats. Repeat, and change up the exercises (decline Push-ups, one-handed pull-ups, sumo squats, etc.) to change the angle of the workout.

Cardio Fitness

With this workout, you’ll push your body and work your cardio at the same time. Perform 60 seconds of burpees, 60 seconds of mountain climbers, and 30 seconds of squat jumps, with two minutes of rest between each exercise. Repeat this circuit for 30 to 45 minutes.

Lower Body Shredding

Don’t bother with your upper body: it’s Leg Day! Perform three sets each of Lunges, Squats, Squat Jumps, and Box Jumps. If you’ve still got energy, throw in a few sets of Burpees.

The Animal Kingdom

Prepare to feel the burn! Start off with 30 to 60 seconds of Monkey Jumps, and rest for 1 minute. Follow that up with 30 seconds of Leap Frogs, with 60 seconds of rest. Perform the Bear Crawl for 30 to 45 seconds, and rest for 1 minute. Finish that up with the Spider Crawl to shred your core.

Potatoes Treat Scurvy

Potatoes have high levels of vitamin C and carotenoid. The vitamin C present in potatoes can help prevent scurvy, which is characterized by cracked lip corners, spongy and bleeding gums, and frequent viral infections. Although it is not found in first and second world countries as they have ready access to vitamin C, it still exists in certain nations of the world, so the prolific presence of potatoes helps with this problem.