Comfortable, Classy Cotton Kameezes

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

20 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Comfortable, Classy Cotton Kameezes

Salwar kameez is one of the most popular attires of Bangladeshi women and is even more popular than its peer, the sari. That’s because kameezes are comfortable, chic, easy to wear and easy to carry. Whether it’s office or iftar parties- the perfect salwar kameez and some light makeup is all you need to glow. In these unpredictable weather conditions when it’s sometimes hot and sometimes rainy, cotton kameezes are the best choices.

To begin with, nothing can beat the heat more than these. Furthermore, in case it rains, cotton kameezes are less cumbersome and they also dry faster in case you get drenched. This season, designers have put in extra effort to make the timeless cotton kameez look even more appealing. Take a look at what’s trending at the moment and what you could do to give this everyday style a gorgeous fashionable spin:


Pastel kameezes

Pastel kameezes look so delicate and decent that we wish these colours were trending every season! In a kameez whether it’s long or short, this hue gets more space to perform unlike in other non-traditional dresses where the size or the accessories steal away the quietness of the pastel colour. You really don’t need much makeup or jewelry to look good in a pastel dress. Just a light glossy lipstick, a bit of kajol and a pair of small studded earrings are enough to pull off the look.


Works of shade

Shaded cotton kameezes are faring really well this season. The dress begins with one colour in the neckline such as blue but by the end of it, it’s some other colour such as white. Choose the colour combination that goes with your style. The trick is pairing with the dupatta. You could add a similar hued dupatta that would blend in with the look. If there is scope to contrast, go for it. However, my suggestion would be to go with a printed dupatta as it helps blend in to the style and also gives the look sharpness. You could also simply opt for a georgette dupatta to play it safe.

Passionate floral designs

Spring is almost bidding us farewell but our fashion really doesn’t want it to go. You will see many eminent designer collections still blooming with floral prints. Take it as a queue. Floral printed cotton kameezes are totally in this season. The typical style of a floral printed kameez devoid of any design and paired with a colourful orna (dupatta) is slowly fading away to make room for more innovative and artistic creations. Well, they do exist but only in very rare occasions. Even in the most common floral printed kameez, you are bound to find some twist such as the sleeves which might be wider than usual or consisting of slits, the churider might have works of pearls or laces or the kameez itself might be cut out asymmetrically for a modern appeal.


Pure white cotton suit

Monochromes are easy to wear but hard to carry. You could opt for a pure cotton white salwar suit. The style, when worn with white laces studded at the edges of the kameez, appears exquisite and unparalleled. Pair it with white pencil pants and opt for a beautiful white orna (dupatta) embroidered with pearls on it.