Sufferings mount on city streets | 2019-05-19 |


Sufferings mount on city streets

Staff Correspondent

19 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Sufferings mount 
on city streets

People wait for transport at the bustling Farmgate area in the capital on Saturday. — SUN photo

Most passengers are subjected to harassment to a large extent in the capital city during the holy month of Ramadan, a study of Jatri Kalyan Samity said.

It revealed that around 95 percent passengers encounter problems while 98 percent passengers alleged that they face higher fares.

The organization conducted the study monitoring the situation in 15 spots in the capital, according to a statement sent to the media on Saturday.

The study said that scarcity of public transport becomes acute in the afternoon and before iftar, as everyone leaves office and returns home during the period.

It also said that drives drop off and pick up 68 percent passengers from the moving buses. On the other hand, 36 percent passengers are forced to travel standing on the bus though they pay extra under the pretext that the authorities are providing ‘sitting service’.

Around 93 percent passengers said that they do not know where to submit complaint while 90 percent passengers said that they don’t make any allegation, as the authorities will not take action against those responsible.