New challenge to transport sector | 2019-05-19 |

New challenge to transport sector

19 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Establishment of discipline in the country’s transport sector in terms of documents related to plying and driving of vehicles is still a chimera. Bangladesh Road Transport Authority is the sole legal body to issue necessary papers like registration and fitness certificates for vehicles, route permits, tax tokens and the like. But vehicle owners and drivers – knowingly or unknowingly – are now receiving such documents from sources other than the BRTA.

According to media reports, several gangs and syndicates have recently mushroomed across the country and make all sorts of fake papers with the help of state-of-the-art technologies and high-end editing software and provide clients with the same quickly and at cheaper rates. The fraudsters are so expert in their criminal way that it is very much difficult to distinguish the false documents supplied by them from the genuine ones.

Millions of such fabricated documents have spread all over the country. The network of the syndicates is so strong and widespread that clients need not take the trouble of finding them out; the criminals have sharp eyes to detect the gullible persons.

It is almost inevitable that criminals in this highly competitive era will resort to ways and means to earn quick bucks. But BRTA’s costly, time-consuming and cumbersome ways of document distribution is no less responsible for the rise of these syndicates.

The result of the spread of illegal documents is that the government will be deprived of a huge amount of revenue by way of issuing documents to vehicle owners and drivers. But what is more alarming is that hijacked and stolen vehicles will get necessary documents prepared for them; even untrained and unskilled persons can easily procure driving licences, which can only escalate highway fatality rates. Easy availability of fake documents will make control over movements of illegal and unfit vehicles all the more difficult.

However, it is still possible to stop distribution of fake documents by the fraudsters. Combined efforts by BRTA, traffic police and other law enforcement agencies can surely bring back discipline in the transport sector.