Fake BRTA papers in wide circulation

Ahamed Ullah

18 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Several gangs are active in making fake (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) BRTA documents for motor vehicles and deceiving service seekers.

They make fake route permits, fitness certificates, registration certificates, tax tokens and other papers of BRTA in exchange for money.

Instantly, it’s difficult to differentiate between fake and authentic documents or license, resulting in innumerable fake papers already being distributed across the country by the fraud groups.

Sources said members of the syndicate have been roaming around BRTA offices and various licensing and certificate issuing organizations.

They were deceiving ordinary people in the name of providing original papers at a very low price. But they are actually were providing fake papers.

These gangs use modern machinery in making forged BRTA documents.

They also use some high-end professional editing software. They themselves sign the fake documents and distribute them among their clients.

Law enforcing agencies officials said that millions of fake papers were spread through multiple syndicates.

Sources said they are running these illegal businesses in a few steps. From manufacturing to sale, the members of the syndicates stay behind the scene.

They communicate with each other through Facebook and e-mails. And they use their houses to produce these fake papers.

Detectives said the syndicate has been selling fake licenses and smartcards for a long. Several members of the syndicate have been caught in the hands of law enforcers. Yet the cycle is continuing their business using various tricks.

On Tuesday, a special squad of Detective Branch (DB) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) arrested five members of such a gang involved in making fake documents of vehicles for around ten years.

Additional Commissioner (DB) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police Abul Baten said they mainly target hijacked and stolen cars and prepare fake documents for them. Besides, they also target people who come from remote areas of the country.

During primary interrogation, the arrestees admitted that they charge amounts on the basis of the types of the vehicles, the background of the drivers and the demand. They supply all the fake papers from one desk like at the one-stop service centres in exchange for a huge amount of money.

They make fake papers with the use of high-end editing software. They themselves sign the fake documents and distribute them among their clients.

Abul Baten suggested the BRTA be more active and make their service delivery easier and speedier.

He said, “So far have not got any names of BRTA officials involved in this syndicate. If we do, we will also take legal steps against them,” he said.

On Sunday, three people have been detained and a large cache of fake driving licenses and registration cards were seized in Dhaka.

Moshiur Rahman, Deputy Commissioner (DC) of DB-North division, said instantly there is no scope to tell the difference between a fake and authentic driving license. One needs to check with BRTA’s volume number to spot a fake document.

Millions of such fake certificates have spread across the country, he added.