A shameful negligence of duty | 2019-05-18 | daily-sun.com

A shameful negligence of duty

18 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Anyone from outside the country does not need to undertake the laborious job of flipping through pages of history and record books to know about the level of our taste and culture as well as our sense of responsibility to our great heroes. A cursory look at the sculptor standing in the Bangabandhu Square in the city would rather be sufficient to come to a conclusion. From a sculpture made in memory of and as a mark of respect to the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and unveiled by none other than Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, it has now been reduced to a symbol of authorities’ shameful negligence to important structures. The present situation with this structure can only bring us shame and ignominy.

Due to lack of maintenance, some important elements of the structure have been damaged or are simply missing. Fountains around the sculpture to add beauty now lies idle. But the most painful reality is that it now looks like a garbage dumping ground, reduced to a resting spot for floating people and a corner for stray dogs. It is also a safe haven for drug addicts.

It may be mentioned in this connection that this is not the only work of sculpture the authorities left neglected; the same is the situation with the structure at the zero point built in memory of Noor Hossain, a martyr in the anti-autocracy movement of 1990. And the maintenance of our pride and tragedy - the Central Shaheed Minar, the Martyred Intellectuals Memorial at Rayer Bazaar and many more hardly need any elaboration. Those outside the capital city are in a similar condition.

Why the sculpture, a beautiful work of art, was placed at the Bangabandhu Square? To repeat, it was made and placed there as a mark of respect to no one else but the Father of the Nation; but its present condition is not reflective of our highest respect to the architect of this country we live in so proudly —- Bangladesh. The names Bangabandhu and Bangladesh are inseparable.

The south city corporation has reportedly taken up a number of renovation schemes of certain heritage sites like the Bahadur Shah Park. It is really puzzling as to how and why the authorities concerned failed to take a serious note of the painful state of the all-important monument at BB Square!