Teacher shortage: Urgent action required | 2019-05-18 | daily-sun.com

Teacher shortage: Urgent action required

18 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Educationists say an educational institution should have a student-teacher ratio of 30:1 for imparting quality education. In this ideal classroom setting, teachers can cater to the needs of each student. But, the situation in our public schools and colleges hardly follows that ratio.

On an average, nearly a hundred or more students sit together in cramped classrooms.

When there are so many students in a class, a teacher cannot teach them in a way that they do not have to study at home. That means teachers hardly reach out to individual students and solve their problems. Besides, students have difficulty in hearing lectures from the back of classrooms.

Apparently, shortage of teachers is the main reason behind this poor student-teacher ratio. A front-page report in yesterday’s daily sun informs that about 2,000 posts of assistant teachers are lying vacant in government secondary schools across the country. Some schools in rural backwater are hit so hard by teacher crisis that they are failing to carry out day to day academic activities.

At a time when unemployment rate of graduates has reached all time high, such a large number of job vacancies in public schools is a surprise. Apart from educational institutes, in almost all departments of the government, a good number of posts are lying vacant but the recruitment process is so slow, cumbersome and corrupt that the state cannot fill these vacant posts quickly. In the process, not only the youths are suffering, but also the people are being deprived of their service.

So, the government would do well in reforming and quickening the process of recruiting fresh blood. There are thousands of youths who are unemployed and their future hangs in the balance. We know thousands of posts are lying vacant in schools, hospitals and bureaucracy. So, if we can quicken the government recruitment process, it will be a win-win situation for all.