Plan and build keeping users in mind | 2019-05-17 |

Plan and build keeping users in mind

17 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The whole purpose of a passenger shed at a bus stop is to provide shelter to the commuters from rain and sun. If commuters are not using the sheds at the bus stops which are made for them at the road sides then the real purpose of the structures is not being fulfilled. Passenger sheds are not meant to be just road side decorative structures to please the eyes of the passers-by. They are supposed to be functional structures meant to give comfort to commuters waiting for public transports at designated bus stops. Of course, nicely designed passenger sheds can be pleasing to the eye, but their functional part must be given primary consideration while designing and positioning them. 

It is a commonplace sight at most roads of Dhaka city where passengers are standing in the sun to catch buses. Though at some places there are passenger sheds but they are a few feet away from the exact location where the buses stop. Therefore commuters go to stand on the road to wait for the bus at the exact spot where the buses usually stop otherwise they will not be able to get on it in time. 

Either the bus route planners have built the sheds at wrong spots or the buses are stopping at wrong places. Whichever the case, it is the hapless commuters who are suffering. They are the ones who have to risk standing on the roads come rain or shine for commuting every weekday. This is not a commonplace scene in other countries where the public conveniences are built keeping the public in mind.

Commuters’ convenience must be given priority while planning the spots where buses will stop, where pedestrians will cross the roads through footbridges or zebra crossings. While building passenger sheds, footbridges and sidewalks the first consideration must always be given to the users’ convenience. Without taking their convenience into cognizance no public amenities can be perfected to satisfaction.

If much thought is given at the planning stage to public comfort, convenience and ease before building anything for public use, then there is much more likelihood that the structure will be used optimally.