Bring public jute mills back to health

16 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The workers of state-owned jute mills have been on the streets to press home their legitimate demands for wages and arrears. After more than a week of protests, they are now on an indefinite strike from May 13. It is, as if, there is nobody to pay heed to their demands. In fact, the state-owned jute mills mostly are unable to pay workers and other officials due for being in the red for no fault of the workers and most officials.

Private jute mills, however, do not suffer from these problems. They have overcome various obstacles successfully and modernised the machinery and working process over time. But the state-owned ones continue to lag behind mainly in terms of operational efficiency. As a result, they are counting losses. It is a shame!

The inefficiency of the public jute mills and the labour unrest go hand in hand. Had the public jute mills been operated with due diligence, peace would have prevailed.

Thus mismanagement, age-old operational modes, useless recruitments and CBA's undue intervention are major factors behind the losses in the state-owned jute mills.

 As we know, the government has been making continuous efforts to bring back the old glory of the mills but has not been able to turn around the situation. According to industry insiders, if the jute mills had been operated smoothly, the export of jute goods would have doubled by now.

 The typical mismanagement of the public jute mills does not go in parallel with the objective of the government for reviving the jute sector; hence, the perennial inefficiency deserves serious scrutiny. We believe the authorities know the causes of the sorry state of the mills and will act now to save the sector and the lives of workers.

Those responsible should be removed and replaced by honest as well as competent people. No more mercy to corrupt and inefficient persons.