Patience: The Eternal Energy Of Existence

Abdullah Al Moinee

16 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Patience: The 
Eternal Energy 
Of Existence

Scripture of life is ordained as a mindful movement where the essence of existence extracts the eternal energy by means of sustaining patience. Universe engenders each chronicles to happen at its appointed hour. The meaning of life gets glorified by the patience for the right moment to act. Patience paves the path to reach the right realm on the right time, for the right principles, and in the right way. The grand design of this universe grants any process to start and conceive a congruent conclusion. The conclusion is signified by the perception of persevered patience.

The divine design of life sets every soul to experience the mystery of this universe. The experience with proper understandings urges the time to wait with weaving will. When the field of vision seems odd and opaque right away, patience can bridge the time bringing near that which is far, eventually forming a field of clear vision. The tenacious trials with perseverance and persistence explore the perfect design through the passage of time when the strength of soul has been concentrated in the name of patience. Each of these trials is vital enough to create the synergy of strength energizing the essence of this existence.

Patience, just like the philosopher’s stone, transforms the problem and pain into the potential of peace. Greek proverb goes without saying that one year of patience is ten years of peace. The potential of peace makes a person the master of patience. A person who is master of patience can become the master of everything else. The calamities have been given to life to catalyze the soul excavating the energy out of the deepest dig of distress. Patience is the antidote and poultice for all wounds of time. Every seeming failure is a stepping stone to success where patience is the fruit of the spirit that grows only under trials of time. So, everything will come if one patiently perseveres. It does not matter how slowly one goes as long as the journey does not stop. It has been scripted to experience both ecstasy and affliction, success and failure, win and loss, problem and solution in order to define the precious meaning of a balanced life. Whoever patiently prayers and perseveres will be granted for the goodness.

However nature manifests the finest form of patience flowing at its primitive pace. The pace is perfect to accomplish the equilibrium of universe. The secret of this enviable equilibrium is patience that allows the time for things to unfold and the miracle to make a motion. Only time brings the growth where belief is the elixir and patience is the prayer.

In short, patience is a virtue that aids to adopt the numen of tranquil nature through which patience acts as a shield to develop the qualities of faith, forbearance, and fortitude. The values and vibes centralize the vision for living in the present, growing with the positive possibilities and having trust on the truth of tenacity. Patience is a minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue. In order to deal with the minor menace the concentrated strength of present moment is more necessary than the future facts to reveal which may otherwise dilute the present strength with the shear strain of distraction. The scripture of every life is a novel in the library of the universe. Patience preserves the peace for the universe to read the novel till the end and fulfill the positive purpose of life.