‘War against adulterated foods’

14 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Yes, we are in a pressing need for a just war against the all-out and unjust war unleashed by people’s enemies in the garb of businessmen. Only such a war can save the nation from the impending health hazard of catastrophic proportion. It is due to the anti-people practices of the profit monger food adulterators that millions of people suffer from fatal diseases of such vital organs as kidney, heart and liver. The number of cancer patients is very likely to exceed 20 million within a decade mainly because of the same reason. The High Court has rightfully asked the government to wage a war against the menace.

The country is passing through a critical period when almost all foods and food items like edible oil, spices, milk and milk products, vermicelli and salts and even water produced and marketed by renowned companies are adulterated beyond permissible level. The HC on Sunday banned the production, marketing and sale of as many as 52 poisonous items produced by these companies and asked the government to take legal action against them.

Food adulteration has assumed such a menacing proportion that it can only be dealt with an iron fist. The government is very much serious about fighting the danger of drugs. But food laced with toxic substances are more threatening; use of drugs impacts on the physical and mental health of mainly the addicts but poisonous foods has a huge impact on the entire population. Food adulteration by its very nature is not confined to its own limited periphery. As it affects us all, we are growing into a sick nation. Needless to say, the country with a feeble workforce will find it fairly difficult to march at par with others, let alone ahead of them, in terms of economic growth.

So, what is at stake due to food adulteration is nothing less than the very future of the country that we want to turn into Golden Bengal. It is time for the government that it took immediate steps to enact stricter laws to save the nation from the danger of adulterated foods.