Break the back of railway smugglers

13 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

The state-owned Bangladesh Railway has, literally, become a hub of corruption and, as a result, its assets and facilities are often misused for realising the narrow personal gains of dishonest officials and their cohorts. We have come to know that smugglers are using train routes to carry and distribute smuggled goods illegally brought in from Kolkata. They smuggle dresses in large volumes, especially ahead of big festivals like the Eid.

 In collusion with corrupt railway officials, the smugglers carry out their illegal work without any hurdle.  With the advent of Ramadan, the unlawful activities of smugglers are gaining momentum. We are aware that the dishonest officials continue to pocket money at the expense of tax payers. Among many others, the sale of tickets on the black market is a major anomaly that deprives the state-owned enterprise of the expected profit every year.

Transportation of smuggled clothes and other contraband items by railway is not new. Smugglers do a brisk business of Indian clothes in our country purchasing those at a lower price from the neighbouring country. In this trade, they find their corrupt partners in the railway.  As a result, local clothes of better quality lose a significant market share during the festival time. If this situation continues, the local market for readymade garments will be affected in the long run.

 As both the railway police and detectives remain ever vigilant against smuggling, in many cases these criminals drop their goods at different points for their associates who collect those later. Due to the failure of the railway authorities, the criminals often evade arrest and continue their illicit activities.

 The crimes in connivance with a section of railway staff should be stopped immediately at any cost and Railway team members must work professionally, and be proactive to ensure that its assets and services are not wasted in any way.