Four Decades Of Feedback: A Legacy Worth Remembering | 2019-05-09 |

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Four Decades Of Feedback: A Legacy Worth Remembering

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

9 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Four Decades Of Feedback: 
A Legacy Worth Remembering

It was an emotional moment when all the current and former members of the band Feedback stood in line on the stage, with their faces beaming with smiles. For the fans who had witnessed their magic three decades earlier to the ones who were born only two decades back but found comfort and love in this mighty band’s music - it was a tremendous moment for them all. And what about the band members? How might they have been feeling during that particular moment when they were rekindling their camaraderie and revisiting their old memories?

This historical moment took place on April 30 at International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB). Just the graceful presence of the formidable members of the band- both former and current ones- was the reason why no Bangladeshi band music aficionado was willing to miss this concert. On top of that, the inclusion and performance of power packs such as Miles, Warfaze, Artcell and Dalchhut made this event an unforgettable one. Each band performed a track of Feedback in the celebration titled “4 Decades of Feedback.”

From the beginning till the end of the celebrations, there was one awesome moment after another. Soon after the show had begun, the vintage members of the band Feedback namely Zakir Hossain, Montu, Salim Haider, Murad Rahman, Omor Khaled Rumi, Romel Khan, Fuad Naser Babu, Sekandar Ahmed Khoka and Maqsoudul Hoque rocked the stage. Their performance was followed by current members of the band namely Rayhan, Lumin and Labu Rahman among others. It was like two pages of history, only in the same book. The moment was also synonymous to two parts of the body, connected with the same heart. The energy, dynamics, feel - everything was the same of both the vintage and current members. Both the performances were electrifying and the audience thoroughly enjoyed it besides being awed by the gravity of the moment. The legendary Maqsoudul Hoque performed with his band and so did Dalchhut, Warfaze, Miles and Artcell.


Though the other bands very humbly expressed their nervousness in covering the timeless songs of Feedback, they all did a wonderful job. Warfaze covered ‘Moushumi 2’, Dalchhut ‘Chithi’, Miles covered ‘Telephone Fis Fis’ and Artcell covered ‘Jonmechi Ei Juge’. The audience simply couldn’t stand still and were moving, jumping and cheering to every performance.

A Feedback’s concert is almost incomplete without their iconic number ‘Melay Jaire’, a song that can even be called the national song for Pahela Baishakh. As it was also the month of Baishakh and there was the graceful presence of every member of the band Feedback, this song had to be done. And so it was. It was an ecstatic moment when all the bands got together with Feedback to perform this timeless track.

In short, the concert was a celebration of hearts. There were people of all ages- from ten year olds to septuagenarians, from men clad in suit with a corporate gait to boys wearing metal t-shirts. The diversity was amazing. A group of seemingly-old-yet-young men spoke of the wonderful times decades ago when they used to go to Feedback’s concert. Something like this could not have happened, neither felt nor experienced, had such a grand celebration never taken place. So the audience expressed their gratitude to the organizers and minds behind this concert.