ADP execution rises in nine months

Hasibul Aman

6 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

Annual Development Programme (ADP) execution improved in the first nine months after the implementing agencies showed better performance in utilising both local and foreign money.

The execution rate rose by 1.57 percentage points to 47.22 percent during the July-March period from 45.65 percent a year earlier.

But the total expenditure has so far soared 15.93 percent year-on-year to Tk 83,407 crore in FY19 which was Tk 71,940 crore in the same period last year, the latest IMED data suggested.

It was the second best ADP performance in five years after 47.44 percent posting in the 2014-15 fiscal year when the annual development programme outlay was much smaller.

In FY18, original ADP allocation was Tk 1,73,000 crore. Inclusion of Tk 7,869 crore development budget of public corporations raised it to Tk 1,80,869 crore.

In the revised ADP, the original allocation was curtailed to Tk 1,65,000 crore and the outlay increased to  Tk 1,76,620 crore after inclusion of Tk 9,620 crore corporations’ ADP.

The share of local resources in ADP rose to 43.18 percent or Tk 50,085 crore in the period, up from 40.35 percent or Tk 38,868 crore one year ago.

Project assistance utilisation rate also improved to 57.42 percent with Tk 29,285 crore spending which was 55.94 percent or Tk 29,115 crore in FY18.  

In the month of March, total ADP expenditure was Tk 12,636 crore or 7.15 percent, including Tk 7,106 crore or 6.13 percent from GoB fund and Tk 5,060 crore or 9.92 percent of project aid.

Top 15 ministries or divisions that fetched 82.17 percent ADP money managed to post 49.89 percent average implementation performance.

Of them, science and technology ministry was the best performer with 66.10 percent execution rate followed by 62.19 percent posted by power division, and 59.05 percent by primary and mass education ministry.

Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) posted 58.72 percent, while shipping ministry 55.49 percent, important agency local government division 54.74 percent, housing and public works ministry 45.52 percent, energy and mineral resources division 44.48 percent, bridges division 44.06 percent, road transport and highways division 39.97 percent and railways ministry 24.61 percent.    

Despite some improvement in the amount of money spending this year, most of the executing agencies could not even cross the 50 percent mark of the planned ADP expenditure in nine months.

Economists don’t think that it is a healthy practice to spend very low in the first half of the year and speed up in the second half, especially in the last quarter and in the month of June.

It only creates scope of misuse of hard earned public money, while the trend can not ensure quality of the projects, they said.