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‘Loko Natyadal’ Comes Up With New Production

Mohammd Asadurjaman Aslam Molla

3 May, 2019 12:00 AM printer

‘Loko Natyadal’ Comes Up With New Production

Prominent theatre troupe ‘Loko Natyadal’ premiered their new production ‘Amra Tinjon’, based on Buddhadeb Basu’s short story with the same title and directed by eminent theatre personality Liaquat Ali Lucky, on April 30, 2019 at Main Auditorium, National Theatre Hall, BSA. 

The play is based on the story of three friends named Bikash, Asit and Hitangshu and their infatuation with a girl named Antara. Three friends usually spend their time together and they also fall in love with the same girl (Antara) who belongs to a rich family. They fondly call her ‘Mona Lisa’ as her smile resembles the smile of the portrait created by great artist Leonardo da Vinci.


One day, the three friends meet Mona Lisa in the street accompanied by her father Dey Saheb. Mona Lisa’s father asks them to visit their house. Taking the opportunity, the trio comes to meet Mona Lisa at her house, but can’t talk with her the way they expected. Suddenly one day, Mona Lisa is diagnosed with typhoid and her parents seek help from the trio. They take care of her in the best possible way and eventually she gets cured. One day, Mona Lisa’s mother calls them and informs them that she (Mona Lisa) is going to get married. They feel heart-broken. After the marriage, Mona Lisa leaves Dhaka for Kolkata with her husband. However she again comes back home when she gets pregnant. The trio, as usual, shares their time with her. Sadly Mona Lisa dies while giving birth to her child. After her death, the trio splits up. Bikash, one of the trios, narrates the story before the audience.  


“We have selected this text because the story portrays true feelings of love and friendship. We find an example of true humanitarian love in this story which is missing at the present time”, said actor-director Liaquat Ali Lucky.

The stage was designed by Sujon Mahbub while Nasirul Haque Khokon designed the light. The music was planned by Liaquat Ali Lucky.