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New Theatre Troupe ‘Tarua’ Begins Its Journey

Mohammd Asadurjaman Aslam Molla

26 April, 2019 12:00 AM printer

New Theatre Troupe ‘Tarua’ Begins Its Journey

Tarua, a new theatre troupe, premiered their maiden theatre production ‘Let Me Out’, written by Runa Kanchan and directed by Bakar Bakul, on April 19, 2019 at Nilima Ibrahim Auditorium of Bangladesh Mahila Samiti located in the capital’s Baily Road area.

‘Let Me Out’ is based on a true story about the missing case of a nine-year-old boy and her mother’s struggle to get him back. In Los Angeles in 1928, single mother Collins returns home only to discover that her son Walter is missing. She seeks help from Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) but all her efforts go in vain. Several months after Walter's disappearance, the LAPD tells Collins that the boy has been found alive. Although "Walter" claims he is Christine's son, she says he is not. However many things happen in between and the story develops further. Even at the end of the play the boy remains missing.


“Time is not a healer anymore; rather it has turned into the opposite thing because of the so-called ‘system’ that flagrantly shapes how we breathe. We live in such a society that has become comfortably numb. This production is an outburst, that might not shock the core of the society but is sure to bring tears in the eyes of a mother who knows the pain of losing a son. What happened in 1928 in Los Angeles is not just history – the past is still very much present. Our attempt was to focus on that situation”, said director Bakar Bakul about this theatre production.


The stage and lighting were designed by Aslam Aronnho while music was composed by Rabiul Islam Shoshi and Ismail Patowary. Costumes and props were designed by Shanaz Jahan and Shamim Sheikh respectively. The performance was appreciated by both the audiences and the critics.